Tone-Up Fast With This Explosive 15-Minute Workout

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Workouts

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Ready for fast results? Try this low-equipment circuit.

“These explosive plyometric moves use body-weight resistance to boost strength and elasticity, teaching your muscles to handle intense workloads more efficiently,” says personal trainer Jessie Pavelka. “Lifting your own weight is challenging enough.” Do these moves three times a week and get set to sweat!

You’ll need: a stability ball

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Watch one of our WH Staffers perform the moves:

1. Inchworm Push-Up

Stand with your feet together then bend forwards from your hips and put your weight on your hands. Walk your hands all the way out until you’re in a plank position. Do a push-up, then pike yourself back up. Do 5 sets of 45 seconds each. Phew.

2. Squat Jump

Lower down into a full squat with your feet shoulder-width apart, until your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Explode into a jump, landing with your feet slightly further apart. Repeat, moving your feet slightly wider apart each jump for 5 sets of 45 seconds.

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3. Side-Lunge

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Step your right leg into a deep side lunge. Push back to centre. Swap sides and keep alternating for 5 sets of 45 seconds. Get low!

Tip: Make it easier by using a stability ball for balance.

4. The Killer Leg Lift

Lie with a stability ball between your ankles and lift it to 45 degrees off the floor. Lift your right shoulder and punch with your right fist. Repeat on the left and keep punching for 5 sets of 45 seconds. (Picturing your ex’s face can help.)

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