Tired Of Falsies? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Implants

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All about the eyelash extensions vibe? Whether you try them out only on special occasions (hello wedding!), or if extension fills are as common for you as manicure appointments, we have both good and shocking news. We’ll start with the good. Eyelash implants are a thing – and they won’t have you lining up at the salon every second week. Though the price might shock you. We’re talking around R30 000 – but it’s totally worth it. Here’s why…

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What Are Eyelash Implants?

Think of them as lash extensions on steroids. “Eyelash implants add a patient’s hair follicles to the eyelid,” says plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Nerina Wilkinson. Live hair follicles from the back of the scalp are redistributed to the eyelid over the course of a few hours. As invasive as that sounds, it’s a walk-in, walk-out treatment – you’ll be home the same day.

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Why Are People Doing It?

While some people are just looking for long, fluttery lashes, this procedure is the best thing to have happened for anyone who’s lost their lashes due to severe burns or any other skin trauma.

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What You Need To Know

It’s a tricky procedure. “The implanted hair follicles need to be angled in precisely the correct direction,” says Wilkinson. “If hairs grow towards the eyes, this could cause irritation, potentially damaging the eye – never mind the donor-site scar (the hair from your scalp) that will always be visible.” That’s not all: you’ll need to up your lash game – since the hairs will continue to grow at the same speed as the hair on your head, they will need to be trimmed and curled in order to look natural

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