How To Get Longer, Fuller Eyelashes — Without Mascara

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By Zinhlezonke Zikalala; image from

No mascara. No falsies. And no, this is not fake news…

Admit it… we’re all crazy-envious of the tiny group of women in the world gifted with naturally long eyelashes. They don’t go through the most – eyelash extension using glue, anyone? You get the picture… But what if we told you that you could be counted amongst that exclusive group of women with ridiculously long, totally natural eyelashes using just one product?

Thirty days to longer, lusher lashes

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum is a formula that helps boost the appearance of eyelashes, making them look brilliantly beautiful in just 30 days. Amazing, right? Bonus: It’s also suitable for contact lens wearers. All you have to do is apply it once daily, preferably at bedtime, to the base of the upper eyelashes using the fine-tip applicator brush (R999).

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Thin, patchy brows? RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum works exactly the same as RapidLash – just for fuller, healthier eyebrows (R999). Then, if you’re struggling with hair loss, RapidHair is a hair volumising formula that helps bond nutrients in the hair to revive its volume in 60 days (R1 500).


Two women tried it…

This is what one reviewer had to say: “My eyelashes have always been a bit of a disappointment to me. They’re fine when I’ve applied mascara, they’re just not spectacular. So, I was really excited to try RapidLash, although I was sceptical about its powers (I’ve been burnt too many times in the past by magical beauty products promising the world).

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“After about a month of diligently applying the formula each night before bed, I began to notice that my lashes were getting a bit longer. The extra length was really enhanced when I applied mascara. Excited by the change, I continued using the product about five times a week (on average).

“Now, after about two months of using it, the difference is extremely noticeable, even when I’m not wearing mascara. My lash line is fuller and seems darker and now just one application of mascara makes a big difference – in the past I’ve been known to apply three coats or more! I’m excited to keep using RapidLash and for my eyelashes to get even longer and fuller.”


This is what the other reviewer said: “I used RapidLash every night before going to bed, for about four weeks, without noticing a change. Then after that, suddenly my eyelashes grew. They have grown about two or three millimetres.

“I didn’t think the Rapid Brow product was working at all. My brows were very thin and patchy – especially towards the outside of the brow. I almost gave up, but carried on using it every morning and evening. After about six weeks, I sprouted thicker, even brows! So I’m glad I persevered… “

Best news ever

You can score yourself a R100 off RapidLash voucher when you buy the Jan/Feb issue of Women’s Health magazine in stores right now.

How to turn off the hormones that cause hair thinning. Plus: “I didn’t wash my hair for a week – here’s what happened.”

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