These Are The 5 Major Skin Benefits Of Cooling Face Mists

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Skincare

By Zinhlezonke Zikalala; photograph by James Garaghty

Seriously, face mists can do that?

Highly recommended by the beauty editors: start each day by taking a few deep breaths while you spray your face with mist. The result? Happy skin and a happy spirit. And don’t for a minute think we’re kidding. Here’s exactly how face mist makes your skin really happy – and a few suggestions on the best ones to try this summer.

1. They’re hydrating

When used correctly, face mists can give your skin a layer of hydration that lasts the whole day. Tip: They work best when sprayed, blotted and then locked into your skin with a moisturiser. Try Elizabeth Arden Miracle Hydrating Mist (R350), available at Edgars.


2. They protect your skin

The mineral-rich water defends skin against harsh environmental pollutants. Check out Sh’Zen Soothing Plant Mist (R205), available at Sh’Zen Online. Or try Placecol Illumine Anti-Oxidant Mist (R350), available at Placecol Online.


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3. They soothe irritated skin

Mists do wonders for razor burn, sunburn and to cool skin down after a hot summer’s day chillin’ at the beach. Try Avene Thermal Spring  Water (R120), available at Clicks. (Tip: Keeping bottle mists like Avene refrigerated has even been shown to alleviate the hot flashes caused by menopause.) Alternatively, try Dermalogica UltraCalming Mist (R680), available at Dermalogica Online.


4. They refresh a tired face

A light misting and blotting can revive a tired face, or refresh your make-up after a long, sweaty day. Try La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water (R150), available at Dischem. Or try Eco Diva Liquid Vitamin Hydra Mist (R385), available at Eco Diva Online. 

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5. They help set your make-up

Face mists can be used before you apply make-up, providing a flawless canvass on which to work. Spritz again after you’re done to help the make-up set. Try Nimue Vitamin C Moisture Mist (R215), available at Life Day Spa.


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