How To Prevent Your Sweaty Workout From Clogging Your Pores

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Uncategorized

This post is sponsored by Cherubs; Photograph by Freepik

Step into 2018 with a fresh face — minus the clogged pores.

Yes, your skin needs pores but that doesn’t mean you want to see them. All. The. Time. It’s true, we’d do just about anything to make them look smaller and keep them clear. Clogged pores are one of the main causes of skin issues (hello, bacne we’re talking about you!), especially if you really sweat it out at the gym. So, what’s a fitster to do? The solution to all your post-sweat skin problems actually fits snuggly into your gym bag. Cleansing facial wipes are the easiest way to nix those flare-ups and make sure you get to keep the radiance-boosting rewards of your workout.

We’re currently loving Cherubs range of eco-friendly products, because not only do they keep skin clear they’re also kind on the environment (they’re the only biodegreadable wipes in SA within the Cosmetic Wipe category).

Here are 4 reasons why you should always wipe down with Cherubs Eco-Care Make-Up Remover Facial Wipes after a workout:

 They thoroughly cleanse your skin and eliminate the need to scrub your skin clean.
 Gently remove risidual make-up in a flash.
Formulated specially for sensitive skin which means they won’t cause irritation.
 They don’t contain nasty ingredients: Cherubs are paraben, chlorine and petro-chemical free.


Cherubs Eco-Care Make-Up Remover Facial Wipes are the newest launch from the brand.  Available in the following variants : normal, dry/sensitive and oily/combination. The eco-care make-up remover range comes in packs of 24’s & 60’s.

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