Faecal Transplants Exist And They’re Apparently Good For You

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Health

By Michelle October

Would you do a poopie swapsies with someone?

We look at what exactly faecal transplants are, and if they’re really as gross as they sound.

WTF Is A Faecal Transplant?

A Faecal Transplant is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The stool of a healthy individual is taken and inserted into the body of someone needing it. The purpose? The healthy stool is filled with gut-healthy microbiota, the stuff that’s important for a happy stomach. If you’re receiving the transplant, your gut bacteria is likely poor and in need of repopulation with healthy microbiota. Also, it’s worth noting that in fourth century China, this treatment was used to treat severe cases.  A yellow soup was made from a healthy stool, which was given to a patient to drink.

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How Necessary Is It? 

People with poor gut bacteria often suffer from IBS, poor digestion and inflammation. Studies have linked poor gut bacteria to poor mental health, Alzheimer’s and even arthritis. If your condition is particularly severe, common treatments like probiotic supplements may not work. In these cases, faecal transplants could be the answer. And while it’s seen as a last-ditch effort to help people with bad tummy issues, emerging thought could make this a first-line response to serious conditions like Clostridium difficile infection (CDI).

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How It Works 

There are various ways of getting the healthy poo into your system. The faecal matter can be inserted into the rectum using an enema, or with a nasal tube. The poo can also be freeze-dried and inserted into a tablet that you could swallow. If you’re desperate, this could definitely be worth it.

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