46 Best Father’s Day Gifts To Impress Your Dad
Stuck on finding the perfect present this year? From a grill to a wine club subscription kit, these are the 27 best Father's Day gifts of 2020.

May 30, 2022

best Father's Day gifts

If you think of your dad as a local superhero, there’s no better time than Father’s Day to let him know just how much you love and appreciate everything he’s done for you over the years with this selection of the best Father’s Day gifts we could find. Sure, he may tell you he doesn’t “need a gift this year,” but that’s just Dad being, well, Dad. Just because he gave you the okay to skip the holiday shopping doesn’t mean you shouldn’t absolutely spoil him if you can.

So… what do you get the guy who wants nothing or already has everything? Not a tie, for starters. Instead, think about an item he’s been eyeing all year but wouldn’t get himself, a topic/hobby that fascinates him, or just a way to make his life easier (he’ll really appreciate that last one).

With so many people to shop for in June — your pops, your partner, or your pal who just so happens to be a dad — it can be easy to run out of ideas that are both thoughtful and actually useful. Lucky for you, this list of the best Father’s Day gifts will make any dad feel extra special this year.

The Cotton Company Turkish Towels

Say goodbye to those tired towels that have been around since your childhood. These towels are stylish while still being practical.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Mediteranneanblackbath3_ca21cb2c-e733-4e17-b803-d35d3e2806ac_1296x.jpg” url=”https://thecottoncompany.co.za/collections/handwoven-turkish-towels/products/mediteranean-black” description=”Turkish towel in Mediterranean Black” price=”589″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Sloom Pillow

The Sloom pillow is made from premium memory foam chips for soft support and a luxurious knitted cover for comfort. You can also enter a competition to win two height adjustable memory foam pillows (valued at R1200) from Sloom here. And hey, then both you and your dad can have one!
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/1C4A6631-Mobile.webp” url=”https://sloom.co.za/product/pillow/” description=”Sloom Pillow” price=”600″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]
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PUMA Full-Zip Men’s Training Jacket

With winter officially here, your dad might need a bit more motivation to get out and active. And this jacket is that motivation. It will keep him warm and it features the latest in dryCELL moisture-wicking technology so he will stay dry.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/png-7.webp” url=”https://za.puma.com/full-zip-men-s-training-jacket-521544-42.html” description=”PUMA Full-Zip Men’s Training Jacket” price=”1 300″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Baskiti Toiletry Bag

This 100% leather Toiletry Bag is larger-than-normal, handmade using a soft, but durable leather and has a waterproof liner. Bonus: you can personalise it with a name of your choice so this practical gift becomes sentimental.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Screenshot2022-01-17at10.11.40_1024x1024@2x.jpg” url=”https://baskiti.co.za/products/baskiti-toiletry-bag?variant=41203727335595″ description=”Baskiti Toiletry Bag” price=”699″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

adidas Aeroready Play Green Graphic Polo Shirt

Dads and golf go together like PB&J. Now he can be the most stylish man at the 18th hole with this polo from adidas.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/418377-1649-773814-5-big.jpg” url=”https://shop.adidas.co.za/aeroready-play-green-graphic-polo-shirt-418377.html” description=”adidas Aeroready Play Green Graphic Polo Shirt” price=”1 299″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Nespresso Vertuo Next

This coffee brewing system offers over 30 unique coffee blends and single origins in a range of 5 sizes for your dad to enjoy his favourite drink any way he likes. Bonus: it includes a complimentary 12 capsule starter pack.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/vertuo-next-side-with-accessory_3.png.webp” url=”https://za.buynespresso.com/za_en/machines/vertuo/vertuo-next-c-range” description=”Vertuo Next” price=”2 299″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]
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Dermalogica Daily Brightness Boosters Kit

Dads skin in need of a helping hand? This kit includes daily glycolic cleanser, BioLumin-C serum, and a BioLumin-C gel moisturiser that brightens, conditions and hydrates.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/tray_front_daily_brightness_boosters_1.jpg” url=”https://www.dermalogica.co.za/daily-brightness-booster?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01mllMuoUn1v_2G7SL2Kp3n0HEPc4NMuA3bXg0dzNvJP3qCVDcPJR6EaAom4EALw_wcB” description=”Dermalogica Daily Brightness Boosters Kit” price=”999″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Falke Drynamix Socks

These are durable enough for the gym and will still look smart with loafers. Whatever the occasion, your dad will have extra support, moisture release and a dash of style.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/093191_9900_1.jpeg” url=”https://www.capeunionmart.co.za/products/falke-drynamix-valuepack-socks-mens/093191001003.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01niguNU63yZQ1AGl_CiSgtQpak6advCBXaNrasyIDPKtXAlicrGC3QaAgE2EALw_wcB” description=”Falke Drynamix Valuepack Socks Mens” price=”199″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Under Armour Charged Cotton® BoxerJock®

A classic Father’s Day gift; jocks or socks. These have the soft feel of natural cotton, but dry much faster and stretch way more. Bonus: it’s a 3-pack!
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/1151961-BLACKBLACKBLACK-1-56u.webp” url=”https://www.sportsmanswarehouse.co.za/product/under-armour-mens-s-charged-cotton-6-3-pack-5/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01kIMM8On5V3p1bDEkZKk7sbR-cSaokgbY8kI73fBlHQu3RLDSrrczkaAtDREALw_wcB” description=”Under Armour Charged Cotton® BoxerJock®” price=”899.90″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Body20 Voucher

If your dad constantly finds himself too busy to fit in long workouts, Body20 might be for him. EMS is 150 times more effective than traditional exercise so he will love the 20 minute session that will get him results in no time. Want to know more? Read our deputy editor’s review here.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/B20_S17_AMP_SHOULDERCROSS_M_969_alt2-web_800x1314_acf_cropped.jpg” url=”https://body20.co.za/signup.php?opt=14″ description=”Body20 Voucher” price=”450″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Terres d’Afrique Cleansing Routine

Get your dad into some skincare with this simple set of cleanser, scrub and mask. They’ll exfoliate the skin, making for a cleaner shave. Locally-sourced, sustainably harvested ingredients (rooibos, aloe and moringa) make for a super gift set.
[buy_button img=”https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0200/8668/5796/products/cleansing-routine_720x.png?v=1638113819″ url=”https://shop.terres-dafrique.com/collections/all-products/products/cleansing-routine” description=”Terres d’Afrique Cleansing Routine” price=”1790″ title=”Buy It ” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

K-Way Men’s Creek Re:Down Jacket

This is the ideal hiking, travelling, and camping companion  for your dad. But there’s a green twist! It’s made using Re:Down®; used down that’s sorted, extracted, washed, dried and sterilised before quality-checking it for good-as-new reuse.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/164672_DC0100_1-2.jpeg” url=”https://www.capeunionmart.co.za/products/k-way-mens-creek-re%3Adown-jacket/1646720100004.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01niklmb4X704lZ5eYUg49y0ClQ_ZqAJ7l6RyztvmDbxJTXMeAWAOAYaAqQpEALw_wcB” description=”K-Way Men’s Creek Re:Down Jacket” price=”1 999″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

ClarinsMen Cleansing and Energizing Essentials Gift Set

Why not update your dad’s grooming routine? This gift set contains all the essentials; a 50ml Energizing Gel, 30ml Shampoo And Shower, 30ml Active Face Wash and a complimentary travel pouch.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Screenshot-2022-05-28-at-15.53.43.jpg” url=”https://www.clarins.co.za/gifts-gift-sets/730a/clarinsmen-cleansing-and-energizing-essentials-80087452.html” description=”ClarinsMen Cleansing and Energizing Essentials” price=”665″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]
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Garmin Forerunner 745

Dad in need of a new workout buddy? The Garmin Forerunner 745 is made for runners and triathletes who need detailed training stats and on-device workouts as well as smartwatch functions.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/cf-lg-0c87ed2b-ab5e-4617-8d18-02d859f7f8f3.webp” url=”https://www.garmin.com/en-ZA/p/713363″ description=”Garmin Forerunner® 745″ price=”8 949″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Montblanc Legend Red EDP

This is the perfect cold-weather staple for dad, with notes of blood orange, zesty grapefruit and spicy cardamom. It’s formulated with naturally-derived alcohol so it’s also great for sensitive skin.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/486×486-2.webp” url=”https://www.mytfgworld.com/pdp/montblanc-legend-red-100ml-edp/_/A-000179AATX1;jsessionid=bdsGGyxfWxNDVxWLWCA3vJndMbFBUVlmn5_xhjNz.tfg-prd-com-18?gclid=CjwKCAjwkMeUBhBuEiwA4hpqEGfAmpfy6rfT67UYSgG9PmA6LcWYMuF8kSrD0MLFV3JQcJscrXCEXxoCQu0QAvD_BwE” description=”Montblanc Legend Red EDP” price=”1 599″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Technogym Bench

Is your dad more of the home gym guy? Then the Technogym Bench is the best in the business. There are 5 pairs of hexagon dumbbells, 3 elastic bands, 3 pairs of knuckles, 1 mat and of course, the bench. Everything he needs to work out in one place.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/technogym_bench_gallery_01_1.jpg” url=”https://www.technogym.com/za/technogym-bench.html” description=”Technogym Bench” price=”29 638 exc. VAT” title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Van Loveren Absolute Zero Nectar

Celebratory drinks are even better when they don’t come at the cost of your health. This sparkling wine is 0% alcohol, 100% vegan and 100% tasty. Plus, it’s low sugar and low in kilojoules.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/ABZ-Elements-04-Medium-copy.png.webp” url=”https://www.vanloveren.co.za/online-store/ABSOLUTE-ZERO-NECTAR-ALCOHOL-FREE-SPARKLING-WINE-6-x-750ml-p246500328″ description=”6 x 750ml Van Loveren Absolute Zero Nectar” price=”630″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

African Extracts Rooibos Man Spf15 Hydrating Moisturiser Original

Dads love a multitasking grooming product. This moisturiser protects skin from the sun and features antioxidant bio-active rooibos, baobab and aloe to soothe skin after shaving.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/6212835629e28_26009880227703.jpg” url=”https://www.dischem.co.za/african-extracts-rooibos-man-spf15-hydrating-moisturiser-original-75ml-225″ description=”African Extracts Rooibos Man Spf15 Hydrating Moisturiser Original” price=”99.95″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Scotch & Soda Checked Boucle Scarf

Classy and comfortable, this scarf will serve dad well in winter for years to come.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/4-copy.png” url=”https://scotch-soda.co.za/product/checked-boucle-scarf/” description=”Scotch & Soda Checked Boucle Scarf” price=”1 999″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Dear Rae Oval Signet Ring in Silver

A signet ring is a classic jewellery piece that suits any style. We love supporting local so why not pick up one from local brand Dear Rae?
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/9627e978-2cb4-491b-9d25-8b17f8953b12_4edfbbdc-7731-4800-b9a6-7a2817c7ac70_510x@2x.progressive.jpg” url=”https://dearrae.co.za/collections/fathers-day-edit/products/silver-oval-signet-ring” description=”Dear Rae Oval Signet Ring in Silver” price=”1300″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]
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Logitech G413

A fast, ultra-responsive keyboard is practically mandatory if your dad is an avid gamer. But if he’s working from home, this typer featuring mechanical switches, LED lighting, and tactile PBT keycaps is the office upgrade he’s been looking for, too.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/high_resolution_jpg_g413_silver_fob_tr_cc16.webp” url=”https://www.incredible.co.za/logitech-g413-mechanical-gaming-keyboard-silver?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01klPEs67M4WSq7NAl9gpXEPq-xkudnyxg4RDOdrZYjXJwMTFDPYDRYaAlbUEALw_wcB” description=”Logitech G413″ price=”1 799″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

The Harvest Table Collagen Creamer

This creamer will take coffees to the next level while providing all the benefits that come with getting that extra boost of collagen.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/resize_1651822277_33.jpg” url=”https://harvesttable.co.za/shop/product/collagen-creamer/19?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01nQxCLR-q9gmpSUGhdr5_Xy6lzVXrFMqk_kRz2bklkWpN29ICI756gaAqzHEALw_wcB” description=”The Harvest Table Collagen Creamer” price=”499″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Limited Edition Goodleaf x Sealand Kit

This kit includes CBD powder sachets, a Relief Roller, a Day Moisturiser and Lip Balm and comes in a limited edition version of Sealand’s bestselling Toastie toiletry bag that’s lined with upcycled Goodleaf advertising banners. We love an eco-friendly gift!
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/GOODLEAF_WEB_SEALAND_6@2x.jpg” url=”https://goodleaf.co.za/collections/all/products/goodleaf-x-sealand-kit” description=”Limited Edition Goodleaf x Sealand Kit” price=”995″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

SodaStream Spirit Drinksmaker

It’s time to say goodbye to that same old Sodastream that’s been in dad’s kitchen for decades and upgrade to this modern reiteration.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/productimg-2.jpeg” url=”https://www.game.co.za/Home-Appliances/Kitchen-Small-Appliances/Carbonating-Machines-%2526-Water-Filters/p/000000000000763951?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01lBzWAgb2w0apr5n4Ru74e0cZLp4048YHFz5u4jzfBnIjE00olzYlsaAtNMEALw_wcB” description=”Sodastream Spirit Drinksmaker” price=”1 399″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]
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NutriBullet Blender Original

Consider this an investment in your dad’s health. This Nutribullet will make it so much easier for him to get in his daily dose of fruit and veggies.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/medias.jpeg” url=”https://clicks.co.za/nutribullet_blender-original/p/314607?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01looU3VERzYkmslwqjJBcWADeQ-uVhnoBpDs7XeW1OdRDukPVV0ldUaAuyZEALw_wcB” description=”NutriBullet Blender Original” price=”2 099″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Gizzu 100W MiniDC 46Wh UPS

A gift that decreases the negative consequences of load shedding? The whole family might be fighting over this one. This UPS can power various devices during a power outage.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/gup100w_wr_01_a442.webp” url=”https://www.incredible.co.za/gizzu-100w-mini-dc-46wh-ups-black” description=”Gizzu 100W MiniDC 46Wh UPS” price=”1 399″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Sony WH 1000XM4

This one is for all the work from home dads. You’re getting high-tech noise cancellation and smart features like speak-to-chat technology and adaptive sound control. All with enough battery life for a full day of work. Dad will love it.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/wh_1000xm4_b_stadard1_large_3f3c.webp” url=”Sony WH 1000XM4″ description=”Sony WH 1000XM4″ price=”6 599″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Hugo Boss Ace

A watch is something your dad can wear for years to come and this one is absolutely stunning. Waterproof up to 200m, the Ace can be worn for special occasions and when he is on holiday.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/s-zoom.webp” url=”https://www.takealot.com/hugo-boss-ace-43mm-stainless-steel-case-blue-dial-bracelet/PLID90444393″ description=”Hugo Boss Ace” price=”5 999″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Core Merino Short Sleeve Crew T-Shirt

This shirt’s cut is flattering and forgiving and great on dad bods, with natural breathability. It works as an undershirt or on its own if the office heats up. Plus, they’re a local brand!
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Image-Optimisation-20.jpg” url=”https://coremerino.com/merino-wool/short-sleeve-crew-t-shirt-men/” description=”Core Merino Short Sleeve Crew T-Shirt” price=”1 000″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Philips 6-in-1 Multi Purpose Groomer

Give your dad the gift of a clean, fuss-free shave this Father’s Day. It comes with several guards and trims hair of any length and even comes with a nose-trimming fitting.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/medias-2.jpeg” url=”https://clicks.co.za/philips_6-in-1-multi-purpose-groomer/p/320633?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01mSWHFBw9QklrV0xUDD5C2Pos3sRdlNLWjfBWHXrevXuw9uy6BSE5MaAhP0EALw_wcB” description=”Philips 6-in-1 Multi Purpose Groomer” price=”649″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]
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First Choice High Protein Recovery Milk

Having a stash of these for your dad to grab post-workout is a real treat. They’re not only delicious, but they pack in 21g of protein and come in 3 delicious flavours; Chocolate, Banana Créme or Peanut Butter.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/250recchopack-1_1024x1024@2x-2.png” url=”https://shopfirstchoice.co.za/products/chocolate-flavoured-high-protein-recovery-milk-6-x-250ml” description=”First Choice HPR Milk” price=”62.99″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Thule Aion Carry On Spinner

This is eco-friendly luggage at its finest with the outer shell fabric, lining, and mesh all made of 100% recycled polyester from recycled plastic bottles. It’s durable and stands its ground on work trips or on adventures without sacrificing style. Dad will love it.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/1028806.jpg” url=”https://thulestore.co.za/thule-aion-carry-on-spinner-4695?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01kATTOhf6FNPsWA9CMgdnS_agxoSXrWws1Y0U6btRfR7p0D8YFf_YEaAqXOEALw_wcB” description=”Thule Aion Carry On Spinner” price=”8 999″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Salomon Bonatti WP JKT

Make sure he never has to skip his morning road or mountain jog the next time it rains with this breathable and windproof rain jacket from Salomon.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Screenshot-2020-06-10-at-11.19.59.png” url=”https://salomonsports.co.za/products/bonatti-wp-jkt-m-6?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=Google+Shopping&sfdr_ptcid=41620_617_684011764&sfdr_hash=03dfe343cd510a154ec47c86456de3f2&gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01l7iS2nv3s3JTbAsvWv02clKpGT_JchKDvZwCUJJ9YsrXjM0Yx-C-MaAroBEALw_wcB&variant=42467395436772″ description=”Salomon Bonatti WP JKT ” price=”2 399″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Nite Ize SlapLit LED Drink Wrap

Drink holders that glow in the dark are the perfect gift if dad is a fan of camping. These brewski holders are made from high-quality neoprene with an interior LED strip and passively reflective exterior.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Screenshot-2020-06-10-at-11.24.11.png” url=”https://www.capeunionmart.co.za/products/nite-ize-slaplit-led-drink-wrap/148458-6900.html” description=”Nite Ize SlapLit LED Drink Wrap” price=”250″ title=”Buy It ” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Core Merino 1/2 Zip Long Sleeve Shirt

Cool mornings require a lightweight, sweat-wicking layer for all dad’s active pursuits. Plus, it comes with a small nifty pocket to keep his keys or cards safe while he’s on the go.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Image-Optimisation-14.jpg” url=”https://coremerino.com/merino-wool/1-2-zip-long-sleeve-shirt-men/” description=”Core Merino 1/2 Zip Long Sleeve Shirt” price=”1 500″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Rope Tipped Plush Fleece Gown

Temperatures are dropping, so dad’s going to need to up his winter sleepwear game. This plush fleece gown is the ideal nighttime partner for those cold winters nights.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Rope-Tipped-Plush-Fleece-Gown-NAVY-505759546-top.jpg” url=”https://www.woolworths.co.za/prod/Men/Underwear-Sleepwear/Sleepwear/Rope-Tipped-Plush-Fleece-Gown/_/A-505759546?isFromPLP=true” description=”Rope Tipped Plush Fleece Gown” price=”499″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]
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Kaliber CT Multitool

If dad doesn’t have a multitool or pocket knife already, then he could definitely use one. A must if he’s a bit of an undercover MacGyver.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Screenshot-2020-06-10-at-13.04.26.png” url=”https://www.capeunionmart.co.za/products/kaliber-ct-multi-tool/101385101.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01klsrZjl_Jb-yhyXYV3eqYT3AzqZsAnRJn00d5rgKk6eksqvVlbquMaAlQAEALw_wcB” description=”Kaliber CT Multitool” price=”799″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Thule Subterra Powershuttle Plus

If dad is always on the go then an electronics travel case will come in handy. This one is designed to protect and organise everything from large headphones along with a full kit of cables, adapters and other electronics in dedicated storage compartments. He can even charge his phone while keeping it accessible in the exterior pocket with cord pass-through. So nifty!
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/thule-subterra-powershuttle-plus-group-tspw-302new-1c5.jpg” url=”https://thulestore.co.za/thule-subterra-powershuttle-plus-3073?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01lYf1FrckbKsKElbNWLy0EXGAGwJvL1nQO1DXqJ9QoOTG-ydhSMA90aAtF9EALw_wcB” description=”Thule Subterra PowerShuttle Plus” price=”949″ title=”Buy It ” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Love Gin Homemade Gin Kit

If your dad’s a fan of distilleries, he’ll love learning how to DIY his own signature gin using this kit. Best part: He can kick back with a glass of his hard work afterwards.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Screenshot-2020-06-09-at-14.37.12.png” url=”https://www.yuppiechef.com/love-gin.htm?id=26143&name=Love-Gin-Homemade-Gin-Kit” description=”Love Gin Homemade Gin Kit” price=”649″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Humble & Mash Whiskey & Spirit Stones

Ok, maybe dad isn’t into gin but loves his whiskey. Nothing will help him enjoy his bevvie of choice more than some sleek spirit stones that elevate his sipping experience.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Screenshot-2020-06-09-at-14.39.53.png” url=”https://www.yuppiechef.com/humble-and-mash-drinkware.htm?id=17773&name=Humble-and-Mash-Whiskey-and-Spirit-Stones-Set-of-9″ description=”Humble & Mash Whiskey & Spirit Stones” price=”249″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Cape Herb & Spice Chilli Sauce Challenge

There are people who avoid spice at all costs, and then there are people that drench their food in the hot stuff. If your dad’s the latter, then this chilli sauce challenge will be a real treat.

[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/picture20211112130155.webp” url=”https://www.yuppiechef.com/cape-herb-and-spice.htm?id=53558&name=Cape-Herb-and-Spice-Chilli-Sauce-Challenge&vid=1718306&gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01kOqCHAXyliCRSTOakt-QsAOjlC5HqWeY8TkI0MX5qE34wUIc9SBzUaAnKtEALw_wcB” description=”Cape Herb & Spice Chilli Sauce Challenge” price=”259″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]
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Bean There African Adventure Bundle

Level up his morning brew game with this fair trade-certified, organic, and most importantly, delicious coffee.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Screenshot-2020-06-09-at-16.41.19.png” url=”https://capecoffeebeans.co.za/products/bean-there-african-adventure-bundle” description=”Bean There African Adventure Bundle” price=”199″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Don Papa Rum

A bottle of rum is a great gift if dad is into creating cocktails or likes to sip it on the rocks at special occasions (like Father’s Day).

[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/s-pdpxl.file_.jpeg” url=”https://www.ngf.co.za/products/don-papa-aged-rum-750ml-x1″ description=”Don Papa Rum” price=”489″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

L’Homme Intense EDT

The classic L’Homme got an intense upgrade that your dad will love. Featuring top notes of rhubarb and quince, with hints of black pepper and ginger, this EDT is perfect for the dad that always leaves an impression.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/L-Homme-Intense-EDT-50ml-3614227365933.jpg” url=”https://www.woolworths.co.za/prod/Beauty/Fragrance/Men-s-Fragrance/Fragrance/LACOSTE-L-Homme-Lacoste-Intense-EDT/_/A-504354854″ description=”L’Homme Intense EDT” price=”1 425″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

The Pure Cotton Shop’s Handkerchiefs

If your dad considers himself an eco-warrior, he is going to love these pure cotton handkerchiefs. Strong and durable, but soft and gentle against the skin. They’re made using organically grown GOTS-certified cotton, with no harsh chemicals used during the farming process.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/the_pure_cotton_shop_the_pure_cotton_shop_men_s_handkerchiefs_3_pack_sku67644.jpg” url=”https://www.faithful-to-nature.co.za/the-pure-cotton-shop-men-s-handkerchiefs-3-pack?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1tGUBhDXARIsAIJx01ngmye3uG8DA24Ohu_ne93HcxQj82YYhfdBnbGsQVbuQxjDfpgyuykaAt5aEALw_wcB” description=”The Pure Cotton Shop Men’s Handkerchiefs 3 Pack” price=”169″ title=”But It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

Clinique For Men Face Scrub

Most people aren’t getting enough sleep, and that probably includes your dad. But just because his sleep habits aren’t at their best, doesn’t mean he has to carry that evidence on his face. Hook him up with Clinique’s For Men Face Scrub to smooth and revive tired skin.
[buy_button img=”https://www.womenshealthsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Screenshot-2020-06-10-at-11.01.55.png” url=”https://www.clinique.co.za/product/1624/5414/mens/shave/shave-cleanse/clinique-for-men-face-scrub” description=”Clinique For Men Face Scrub” price=”460″ title=”Buy It” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]