The Fetish That 46 Percent Of People Are Into, According To Studies

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Sex & Love

By Korin Miller

How kinky is everyone really?

Researchers wanted to learn more about how kinky people really are (because who doesn’t want to know, right?), so they surveyed more than 1 000 men and women in Canada about their sexual interests and whether they’ve acted on them. What they discovered: More people are freaky than you’d think.

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Among other things, the study, which was published in The Journal of Sex Research, found that 46 percent of people surveyed were into voyeurism (such as watching others have sex) and 35 percent had actually done it. Close your blinds, people! (Or don’t…)

Men were the most into voyeurism, fetishes and exhibitionism (getting it on in front of other people), while women dug voyeurism, fetishes and masochism (mixing pain with pleasure). The study’s authors also pointed out that masochism was “significantly linked” with higher sexual satisfaction, so go, women!

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Here’s the thing: Not everybody who was into something kinky actually acted on it. Nearly 45 percent of people said they were interested in fetishes, for example, but only 26 percent made the fantasy a reality. (Worth noting, though: Nearly everyone who said they wanted to have sex where they could get caught actually did it.)

It makes sense that everyone who’s into, say, foot fetishes might not act on it for fear of coming across as “weird,” plus sometimes a fantasy is just a fantasy.

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