This Self-Defence Move Can Help You Fight Off A Person Who’s Trying To Hit You

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Life

When you’re in a situation where someone is actually threatening to hit you, your instinct is probably to retreat or cower. A better course of action though, pre-empt the attack before it happens, says self-defence expert, Etienne Ferreira, owner and trainer at Truekrav. Attack is the best form of defence, so rather than retreating from the attacker, you need to strike first. Here are Ferreira’s tips for an effective attacking defence.

1/ Move As Soon As He Starts Lining You Up.

If you wait for the strike, you’re going to be too late. Your signal is pulling his hand back to hit you – that’s when you move.

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2/ Explode Forward.

Your explosive movement will launch you forward before he can land the blow and absorb the force of his arm coming towards you. It will also take him by surprise and close the gap between you so he can’t easily counter attack. Once you move, don’t hesitate. You need to keep moving forward.

Watch a video demo of the move…


3/ Hit His Throat.

An elbow to the throat can be extremely damaging. An elbow with your whole body weight behind it, even more so. As you launch forward, bring one arm up to make contact with his throat. Even if you don’t land the hit one hundred percent, he’ll still feel it and be thrown off.

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4/ Secure His Arm.

Use your free arm to lock onto the arm he was trying to hit you with. Clamp it tight so that he can’t get free and hit you again.

5/ Finish The Fight.

It may be tempting to feel sorry for your attacker, but if you let him go, he’s just going to come after you. Kick his groin repeatedly, moving forward with every kick. Then hammer the back of his neck to bring him to the ground. Then you can take your chance and run away.

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