Finally, Contraception Delivery Services Are In South Africa

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Sexual Health

We’ve come a long way. COVID – thankfully – forced pharmacies and businesses to jack up their service and offer delivery of much-needed medication. A relief, since most of us are so busy we can barely make time for the grocery store, let alone stand in a queue for what feels like a year. And then there’s all the questions that come with picking up a simple prescription.

Now, contraception delivery services are in full swing and there are a few options to choose from. Medical aids can even cover the cost of the medication, and delivery is discreet and in some cases, comes with a few goodies. Here, the cool-as-hell services we’ve come across in sunny South Africa.

contro contraception delivery


Compatible with medical aid (or without) choose a subscription and every month, you’ll get your contraception delivered. Contro also offers treatment for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, STIs, thrush and UTIs.

How it works

First, sign up and fill in a health questionnaire, get a digital doctor’s consultation, then get free delivery. Contraception offered is over 30 kinds of the contraceptive pill.

How much?

Pay R150 per month with medical aid, or between R240-R400 per month without. Check them out here.

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contraception delivery zoie health mycontraceptive

MyContraceptive by Zoie Health

Zoie Health is an all-inclusive digital healthcare app, with virtual doctor’s consultations for everything from endometriosis to lactation consults to psychologist sessions. Their contraception delivery service, MyContraceptive, offers monthly delivery for your chosen contraceptive.

How it works

Book a consultation from the app (or website) with a medical professional, who’ll help pick the right contraception for you. Then it’ll be delivered monthly – with a few other goodies. You’ll also get access to the Zoie Health online community of women and healthcare professionals who swap tips around birth control, periods and everything in between. MyContraceptive offers the contraceptive pill, The Patch, The Ring and emergency contraception.

How much?

Pick from a consultation only (from R250 or medical aids may cover), consultation and delivery (from R150) and delivery only (from R150). Find out more here.

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contraception delivery pillsquad

Pill Squad

Simply get your existing prescription delivered to your door.

How it works

Send them your existing contraception prescription – emergency contraception not serviced, complete the payment (if medical aid covers, then you’ll need to submit those details) and await your delivery!

How much?

If you’re on medical aid, this service will be paid for. Otherwise, you’ll have a copayment or can pay using cash or card. Find out more here.

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get my pill

Get My Pill

Get My Pill offers prescriptions for The Patch, The Injection and contraceptive pills. Delivery is free. For the injection, you’ll need to visit a clinic to have it administered – delivery not available.

How it works

Complete a medical survey and a script will be sent to you. Or, purchase the delivery option and your prescription will be sent to Get My Pill’s delivery partners, Clicks Direct Medicine.

How much?

Prescriptions cost R200 for 3 months (<R70/month). Plus, you can use the promo code WOMENSHEALTHSA for R50 off your first order. Find out more here.

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