Finally! Sports Bras That Don’t Feel Like Freaking Straitjackets

by | Mar 1, 2022 | WH Promotion & Events

Recently, it’s been great to see active-wear brands starting to release more plus-size sports bras. But the options haven’t always been a bra buffet.
“One of my biggest frustrations with sports bras, especially for plus-size bodies, is that there’s a lot of structure to them,” says yoga teacher, author, influencer and body positivity advocate Jessamyn Stanley. “It’s always assumed that we have very large breasts and so there’ll be a lot of boning and structure… but for a yoga practitioner, it’s very nice to wear something that is soft and malleable and really just moves with your body.”

Your Sports Bra Should Match Your Sport

She’s on to something – and it’s not limited to the world of plus-size sports bras. Prof Joanna Wakefield-Scurr, a professor of Biomechanics and the biomechanics field leader and head of the Research Group in Breast Health at the University of Portsmouth, says there’s a reason why all sports bras aren’t created high impact. “In studio activities, for example, you might want more flexibility because of the activities that you’re performing. And lying on your back, you might not want a big hook-and-eye fastener – it might be uncomfortable. I really believe that there are different solutions for different activities and that hasn’t necessarily been articulated well in the sports bra market previously.”

Sports Bras For Every Occasion

Prof Wakefield-Scurr and her team worked with adidas on their new Bra Collection, which features a whopping 43 different styles that are globally available in a range of sizes (including plus-size sports bras) across four different categories: Run, Train, Studio and Everyday. It includes bras for breasts of all sizes – and even ones that can be adjusted to fit breasts of different sizes. “What I would encourage women to look for – and there’re lots of examples of this in the adidas range – is bras with adjustability,” she says. “Personally, I would always select a bra that has adjustment in it – in the shoulder straps and in the underband.” 

Tried & Tested

As an adidas ambassador, Jessamyn got to meet with the design team working on their latest bra collection. “It was really cool to share all my favourite pieces and also pieces that I do not like and explain why,” she says. She was also one of the first women to get her hands on the new range. Her verdict? “They heard me,” she says. “It’s nice to have a bra that’s not so structured and the range has options for everybody – not just for any one, particular activity and not just for any one, particular body type. It’s really inclusive for all.” For Jessamyn, having access to a range of plus-size sports bras is empowering. “We’re conquering the world,” she says. “We’re getting to a place where health and wellness are not sequestered to just one type of person; where it’s something that all human beings can and should prioritise in their lives and it feels really cool to be a part of that evolution.”
Shop the adidas sports bra range online or book a free bra fitting at your nearest adidas concept store.
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