Finally, The REAL Solution To Balding!

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Hair

By Zinhle Zikalala; photograph by Ricardo Simal

Yes, this just happened! Your hair loss could be a thing of the past thanks to two pioneering SA specialists who have have finally found the REAL solution to balding…
Small patch of skin peeking through your hair sending you into a mild panic? Because you know that patch is going to grow, right? And not in the way you want it to…
The reality is that braiding and straightening are huge in SA. Consequently, so is hair loss (traction alopecia), since these styles pull the hair back, weakening it at the front of the head. Over time, the forehead becomes larger and more pronounced as the hair thins.
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Haircare suddenly got way more advanced! Dr Larry Gershowitz, SA’s most prominent expert in hair transplants, teamed up with Dr Ryan Jankelowitz, to pioneer real hair-loss solutions. Forget pinning all your hopes on that “special” shampoo and conditioner. And we’ve never been too sure about the whole Bob Martin vibe…  The following treatments guarantee legit hair growth and the end to your balding worries. Check them out:

1. Forehead Reduction Surgery

A small incision is made along the existing hairline, which is lifted and moved forward to reduce the space from hairline to eyebrow. The procedure is usually performed under conscious sedation as a day surgery procedure. It’s quick, painless and you’ll be home the same day.
Time taken: Four to six hours.
Pain level out of 10: 0 (you’ll be sedated).
Cost: Approximately R22 500, including the conscious sedation.
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2. Non-Surgical Follicular ReGener-8 (FR-8)

Slightly intrusive, this process consists of injecting a small amount of your own blood, which has been filtered to contain mostly platelets, into the bald spots to promote hair growth. It’s fairly quick and painless.
Time taken: 90-120 minutes.
Pain level out of 10: 2 (if you’re afraid of needles).
Cost: Approximately R25 000 to R44 000.
For more info on these procedures, visit the Medical Hair Restoration website:


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