Finally, You Can Rent Gym Equipment For Home Workouts

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Fitness

Creating your own gym from scratch is pricey, especially if you’re a treadmill junkie. You’ll often need to buy things month-to-month, adding slowly until you have a dream-worthy squat rack.

The only other option, until now? Get a gym membership. But a new business, Striide, is out to solve your empty home gym woes by letting you rent gym equipment.

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It started when Brett and Mark Levy, joint CEOs of telecoms company, Blue Label Telecoms, realised lockdown was going to seriously hamper their #gainz. “With gyms closed to the public, and under level 5 restriction of not being able to exercise outside, the dynamic duo was more so motivated to help South Africans to maintain their fitness goals in the comfort of their own homes,” says Miri Bick, marketing manager.

Now, you can rent, rent to buy, or outright purchase gym equipment. Options range from all-in-one dumbbells (with a stand) to treatmills to rowing machines. Prices start from R579 for 24 months.

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How To Rent Gym Equipment

Simply visit the website, view the equipment online, and secure your rental. You can rent from any amount of time, including six, 12 or 24 months. Maintenance, delivery and installation are included in rental fees, too.

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