6 (Sizzling) Moves Every Fit Couple Seriously Needs To Try

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Fitness, Sex & Love

Photograph by Sean Laurenz

These fit couple challenges will give you legit gains, but they also come with a bunch of fun benefits! 

We’re all for the “gym time is me-time” philosophy. After all, there’s a ton of research that supports the stress-busting properties of exercise. But if you’re getting your sweat on solo purely because you’ve never thought of inviting your partner along, you could be missing out on a world of fun — not to mention perks for you, your S.O. and your relationship.

You’ll Perform Better

Training with a buddy – whether that’s your S.O. or your bestie — can motivate you to lace up your tekkies when you’d rather put on your bunny slippers, push harder during your training sesh (Won’t. Let. Him. See. Me. Give. Up.) and make workouts more fun — nothing like a race to the finish to help you realise you still have energy left to burn.

You’ll Spice Up Your Bond 

What’s more, couples who double up as workout buddies get to practise supporting each other (“Come on, skattie, three more reps, you can do it!”) and celebrating with each other (“PB! Nailed it, Babe!”). Another perk? The couple that trains together gains together. And as those lean, chiseled bods start to reveal themselves, the post-workout endorphin high you’re both riding can make for electrifying action in the bedroom. Just saying.

Six Fit Couple Challenges For You To Try

These moves are not just fun to try, they also require a degree of strength from both of you. If you can’t do them yet, pick one or two and train for them. It will be a fun challenge you and your partner can tackle together – and a cracker of a #fitcouple Insta post when you get it right. Don’t forget to tag us!

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