10 Gifts Every Fit Girl Wants To Find Under Her Tree

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Fitness, Style

Photograph by Supreeya Chantalao/Freepik
No clue what to buy your fit-girl friend? Even if you know nothing about fitness, you can’t go wrong with these gifts. Best part: Some are really cheap.
Good news: Fit girls are actually totally easy to buy gifts for. Whether it’s running, gym or CrossFit, getting into fitness seems to go hand in hand with insatiable gear lust. And don’t even get us started on cyclists — they’re basically shopaholics on wheels. But if you’re not so clued up on the subtleties of specific sports, here some sure winners that every fit girl will love you for.

1/ Sports Bra

WE LIKE: adidas Performance TF Solid Bra — R439, Zando.co.za
A good sports bra is essential, regardless of your workout style. They prevent injury, nip slips, chafe and are so comfy! But they also add up…especially when you’re exercising almost every day. We like this adidas bra because it’s medium impact, which makes it a safe bet for most gym activity. If your mate has smaller breasts, she could even use it on a short run.
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2/ Cute Workout Gear

WE LIKE: Cotton On Body High-Waisted Yoga 7/8 Tights — R449, Superbalist.com
You know how wearing a power suit to work gives you more swag in the morning meeting? The same applies in the gym: Wearing a hot workout outfit makes you more confident and can actually boost your performance as a result. Cotton On Body’s new Bouffants and Broken Hearts collab is filled with bright colours and fun patterns. We wouldn’t recommend these tights for a 10-kay, but they’re wonderfully soft and comfy for low-impact classes like yoga or Pilates or the gym circuit. The high waist keeps tummy rolls tucked in.

3/ Foam Roller

WE LIKE: Foam Roller — R300, Mr P Sport
Fit girls love foam rollers. We use them before a workout to warm up cold muscles and the day after a hectic workout when our muscles are feeling stiff. They can even double as workout equipment, supporting the lower back during a bridge. We like the user tips printed on this roller.
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4/ Resistance Band

WE LIKE: Power Loop Set — R100,  Mr P Sport 
These are so useful and not always available in the gym. You can use them in place of weights, they can support you in bodyweight movements — or make them harder — and you can stretch with them. Plus, they’re travel friendly and take up almost no space in your gym bag. This set offers a range of different resistance levels for different exercises.

5/ Sweat Towel

WE LIKE: Maxed Gym Towel With Zip — R100, Mr P Sport
They’re a grudge purchase, but sweat towels are essential and you can’t have enough. Always opt for a towel that has a pocket so your mate can stash her locker key, phone, tissues and any other random things she likes to take onto the gym floor. The pouch on this one is large enough to take your phone, wallet and even a resistance band.

6/ Fitness Tracker

WE LIKE: Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch — R5 389, Takealot.com
Ok, so this is a pricey one. But if your fitness-loving friend doesn’t have a fitness tracker, she wants one. And if she’s the type of bestie you would splash out on, a tracker is what you should splash out on. The Fitbit Ionic is a great option for the healthy woman with a fitness habit, as opposed to, say, a hardcore runner. It tracks heart rate at the wrist, even in the pool, and has GPS to track a run without having to take your phone. You can get workout videos on the watch. It also has nifty features like the weather report and message notifications.
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7/ Dry Shampoo

WE LIKE: Colab Active Dry Shampoo — R95, Clicks.co.za
It’s a gym bag staple — especially if your friend sneaks in a class at lunchtime or before work. We like this light formula, developed especially for active girls.

8/ Hair Ties

WE LIKE: Essentials Hair Combo Pack — R30, Clicks.co.za
It may seem random, but this is a super-useful stocking filler for your fit friend. There’s nothing more irritating than having hair in your face when you’re going for a PB. Or struggling to find a hair tie as you’re about to head out for a run. This combo pack of ties and pins is perfect for throwing in your gym bag / car / desk drawer for emergencies.
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9/ Buff

WE LIKE: UV Buff Bandana — R260, CapeUnionMart.co.za
A buff is a must-have for anyone who trains outside. In fact, if your friend is a trail-runner, it’s essential gear for some races. But even if she’s a ParkRunner or hiker, she’ll use this super-versatile accessory all the time, winter and summer.

10/ Socks

WE LIKE: Falke Performance Hidden Comfort Socks — R55, Zando.co.za
Yes, we know, socks are the ultimate crappy gift, right? Wrong. Not when you’re shopping for a fit girl. Good socks make a massive difference to your workout or run by reducing chafe and blisters. But, again, such a grudge purchase! Slip a few of these in her stocking and she’ll be thrilled. Promise.
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