10 Super-Cool And Inspirational Fit Moms You Need To Follow On Instagram

by | Apr 30, 2024 | Entertainment, FitMama

When you’re doing the most just to keep your new little human alive, it’s a winning day when you find time to wash your hair. As for exercise? Healthy eating? Leaving the house? This is what dreams are made of.  Well, these fit moms are proof that there is hope. Follow them on Instagram for fun ways to incorporate baba into your healthy lifestyle, post-baby workouts and, most importantly, to remind yourself that you’re not alone in this strange, new world.

1. Takkies


SA’s queen of sass and self-love shares heartwarming videos featuring her adorable daughters. Trust us, these kiddos are natural-born co-stars (following in their mom’s dancing shoes)! Follow Takkies for a dose of positivity and some delightful family moments.

2. Abbi McDuling


The mama we just can’t get enough of! She’s all about prioritising self-love and embarking on a journey every mom can relate to. As she puts it, “My body will NEVER be the same again & neither would I want it to be because these changes have transformed me into a mother & given me my beautiful baby boy.”

3. Uleen Fourie


Uleen is a health coach, a soon-to-be mom of two and the co-founder of Health-e App. Juggling motherhood and fitness like a pro, her feed is loaded with quick workout videos and time-saving healthy food ideas. Need pregnancy fitness tips? She’s got those too! Plus, Uleen keeps it real about the ups and downs of motherhood.

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4. Daniella Lagerwey


Daniella is all about pregnancy and postpartum workouts, guiding women on their healthy living journey. With her easy-to-follow workouts, she offers great advice and shares mouthwatering recipes to keep you on track.

5. Kayla Itsines


With a whopping follower base of over 15 million, chances are you’re already following Kayla Itsines. This fit mama’s account covers it all: high-intensity, strength, pregnancy, post-pregnancy and low-impact workouts.

6. Caley Jäck


Former WH cover star Caley Jäck is not just a mom of two, but also the ultimate #bodygoals! Check out her Instagram for workout videos featuring her adorable ‘babas’. As she mentioned in one of her posts, “I want my girls to love physical movement as they grow up, to have a healthy relationship with exercise and food and to have it built into their daily lives.” Follow Caley for some inspiring workouts and heartfelt messages about fostering a healthy lifestyle for the next gen.

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7. Raeesa Solwa


We’re totally inspired by this Durban-based biokineticist and running coach’s workouts. While her kids are all grown up now, her older content is packed with bright ideas for working out safely with a bump on board and the road to recovery.

8. Rachel Brathen


If you’re looking for a dose of calm and inspiration in your feed, Rachel Brathen, also known as Yoga Girl, is a must-follow. With her soothing yoga flows, candid reflections on motherhood and glimpses into her daily life, Rachel offers a sanctuary of mindfulness and positivity.

9. Emily Skye


For every reward that comes with being a new mom, there’s also a boatload of struggle and self-doubt – which is why it’s so comforting to see Emily talk openly about issues like her postpartum depression, how much work really goes into shedding the baby weight in a healthy way and some of the totally gross “joys” of motherhood that no one usually talks about.

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10. Meg Lagerwey


Finding time for a well-balanced meal might feel daunting, but look to Meg, mama of two, for healthy and nutritious meals the entire family can enjoy. As a certified wellness and nutrition coach, she’s passionate about gut health and shares delicious, wholesome recipes that make eating well a pleasure.

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