10 Super-Cool And Inspirational Fit Moms You Need To Follow On Instagram

by | May 11, 2018 | FitMama, Fitness

When you’re doing the most just to keep your new little human alive, it’s a winning day when you find time to wash your hair. As for exercise? Healthy eating? Leaving the house? This is what dreams are made of.  Well, these fit moms are proof that there is hope. Follow them on Instagram for fun ways to incorporate Baba into your healthy lifestyle, poost-baby workouts and, most importantly, to remind yourself that you’re not alone in this strange, new world.

1/ Takkies


SA’s queen of sass kept her signature booty pops going all the way through her pregnancy. Now, her new daughter makes the most adorable co-star.

2/ Letshego Zulu


The slogan for PopUpGym, the brand Letshego co-owns with Khethiwe Mlangeni, is “no excuses”. So it’s no wonder that her little Adventure Baby has been tagging along on mom’s fitness escapades since before she could walk. We love watching what they get up to.

3/ Raeesa Solwa


We’re totally inspired by this Durban-based biokineticist and running coach’s preggy workouts. She’s full of bright ideas for ways to work out safely with a bump on board.

My 36 weeks pregnancy workout: do you guys use gliders in your workouts? When you are on the gliders, it will take a lot of balance to stay on your feet. All muscles in your core and legs have to work together so you wont fall. Gliders are non impact so if you suffer from any injuries, gliders are an effective tool to help reduce pain! 1. Reverse lunges x20 2. Step ups x 20 3. Side lunges x 20 4. Step ups x 20 5. Diagonal lunge and side kick x10 each 6. Step ups x 20 7. Squat and knee to chest x 20 8. Step ups x 20 Try this workout and tag me! #asics #asicsfrontrunner #asicsza #fitness #motivation #health #fitness #workout #36weekspregnant #thisvideoisx2speed #homeworkouts #pregnancyworkout @pregnancyworkout

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4/ Shana Taylor


We cannot get enough of the mom and tot workouts she does with her adorable little boy.

5/ Lesley-Ann Brandt


Badass, sexy action star on screen, regular mom the rest of the time, our April cover star is on a mission to empower moms everywhere with her totally real and uplifting posts.

When I look back at old pictures it’s hard to remember the early days. I gained a whopping 67 pounds during pregnancy. Was incredibly uncomfortable after birth but was committed to breastfeeding my son. The climb back was slow, steady and safe. Trying to fit in workouts around feeding and protecting my milk supply was a fine dance. Juggling work and breastfeeding plus working out was an even bigger dance. I hated my season 3 cast picture if I’m honest. It was shot 6 weeks after I had Kingston. In the same week I returned to work. I was not ready. I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. Self inflicted pressure so many women, especially new mothers, put in themselves. I was guilty of that. The journey was tough but I’m back in my clothes. Back to my strength and I’m still working at not being hard on myself. Get a copy of @womenshealthmagsa where @paolomascitti and I share the full demon workout that helped me lose my pregnancy weight. And yes, breastfeeding, if you can, helps tremendously. Good for baby and mama.

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6/ Wardah Hartley


The TV sports anchor and fitness blogger is so passionate about being a fit, healthy mom that she worked with a team of experts to develop a preggy fitness and nutrition guide. And she’s always finding fun ways to stay active with her daughter, Esa.

Mommies, I recently did a great little outdoor workout using my @thule_sa Urban Glide. What I love about this stroller is that it’s specifically designed for the active mom! You can even incorporate it into a workout. The best part is, your kid will enjoy all the movement and happily go along with you as you do a fun yet effective workout. Here I demonstrate a simple leg workout after my 5km jog along the Sea point promenade. Just some pointers: Make sure to not have your knee go over your toes in the lunges, keep your leg lunging forward at a 90 degree angle as you’ll see in the video. Tag me in your videos when you try this workout! #bringyourkids #outdoorworkout #strollerworkout #fitmom #activemom #thuleurbanglide #fabufit #happy #healthy #fabulous

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7/ Rachel Brathen


A Swedish yoga teacher living in Aruba. We loved her feed back when it was full of beautiful yoga poses on an idyllic island with photo bombs by her dogs and rescue goat. Now that her ridiculously adorable toddler is co-starring, we love it even more.

8/ Emily Skye


For every reward that comes with being a new mom, there’s also boatload of struggle and self-doubt – which is why it’s so comforting to see the WH cover star talk openly about issues like her postpartum depression, how much work really goes into shedding the baby weight in a healthy way and some of the totally gross “joys” of motherhood that no one usually talks about.

We also adore these furkid fit moms…

9/ Kayla Itsines


She got famous posting transformation pics of her clients, but we love her dogs more.

To all the lovely people who wanted to know what happened to these two after they ate an entire tub of butter and half my kitchen …. the answer is …. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I know I’m a good dog parent…. but a small part of me secretly hoped they would feel a LITTLE sick so they could learn that you don’t JUMP on kitchen benches and steal everything and eat it. They were PERFECTLY FINE, running around like crazy and very happy with themselves …. so lesson learnt by ME. In future when I leave to clean my room I’ll have to lock them in a dungeon until I’m ready to watch them again…. I’m JOKING … fine I’ll just clean my kitchen faster. Ace and Jr – 1 …. Kayla and Tobi – 0. www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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10/Adriene Mishler


Homebound mom tip: Her online yoga classes are great for practising at home but, full disclosure, we watch them for the dog. #SorryNotSorry

NEW practice is up! You won’t see in this in your 16 min Yoga For Flexibility. A perfect practice for a Sunday. Also designed so that you can easily drop in on a busy day or add to existing practices, workouts or runs. Think this is just for the body? Think again! This baby is all about regularly tending to mind and body. I often hear from people that they cannot do yoga because they are not flexible enough. But being flexible is really the art of being open and available. Open and available to what is current and present. It’s an inside job, this… space… making. We can start with the body but remember what the great yoga guides have shown us… The body is a metaphor. And I am no expert, but I suspect… there is a lot to balance and uncover. This week we meditate on flexibility as conscious openness. Booyah. There is an approach in which we get more flexible by forcing ourselves into rigorous situations. It works sometimes but it often can leave one feeling depleted and cut off. I am suggesting an approach that merely asks you to show up, see what is there and stay devoted to whatever it is you uncover. This week’s practice offers us a loving opportunity to make space and practice flexibility in mind, body, and yez, your precious, precious soul. ⠀ Yours, Adriene #yogawithadriene #findwhatfeelsgood #benjiblooper

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