“I Flew To Another City For Fit Night Out — Here’s Why I Did It”

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Why did I hop on a plane in Johannesburg and fly to Cape Town for Fit Night Out? Because FOMO! I’d been to the Jozi event and it left a lasting impression on me. And because, for me, these events have created a platform that’s about women’s empowerment, self-acceptance and love, and a whole lot of letting your hair down and getting your beautiful bodies to move while building up a sweat. And let’s not forgot those amazing goodie bags, right? Here’s why it was totally worth it…

1. I Got To Share My Newly Found Fitness With Friends

I started my fitness journey a few months after I’d left Cape Town to relocate to Joburg. My friends were being truly supportive of my journey, but were only experiencing it via social media (@fitlikemummy). Fit Night Out presented the perfect opportunity to work out with them and share the love I’ve found in fitness.

It was a truly magnificent summer’s afternoon with DJ Zar pumping out the coolest of the coolest tunes. As the sun blazed down on us, the rhythm took control and our energy levels soared. Uncertainty and nervousness washed away for the first-timers, and we danced, we laughed, we smiled… This is what friendship is all about – and we did it while burning major kilojoules.

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2. Social Media Meets Real Life

For months I’d been following the most incredibly inspirational women in the fitness industry. Their stories were motivating me to push on in achieving my own goals. Fit Night Out made it possible for me to meet so many of them in person – and thank them for the part they were playing in my journey. It was great to hear their words of encouragement and support. It was a night that had me feeling all the feels for sure.

3. I Got To Interview The #FitSquad

The day before the event, I received a message from Shield asking for a blogger (me!) to hang with and interview the Shield Fit Squad – three inspirational women who have impacted my life in the most profound way. I was beside myself. This was truly the stuff dreams are made of…

I spent the day chatting to QueenFitnass, Takkies and Sbahle Mpisane – and they are all even lovelier in person than they are on social media. Despite their demanding schedules on the day (make-up, outfit changes, workouts), they were extremely accommodating, friendly and just bloody amazing. I really can’t put into words how incredible an experience that was for me.

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4. Fit Night Out Is A Vibe

The atmosphere at Fit Night Out is always absolutely incredible. Everyone is pretty much high on life, happy and literally living in the moment. There isn’t any judgement and you’re free to just do you. Something I will never forget about #FNO Cape Town was how the parking area floor trembled beneath my feet. It was incredible to experience, and you couldn’t help but realise that you were part of something truly amazing: a bunch of badass, strong women doing their thing.

5. Rumble Boxing Class

I love that I get try out new workouts. The launch of the Rumble Boxing Class by Virgin Active at Fit Night Out Cape Town was one for the books – a killer workout that has us asking for more. It was an awesome way to end what was already a night to remember.

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