Try The 1-Day Flat-Belly Meal Plan – And Be Slimmer By Tomorrow

by | May 17, 2017 | Food & Nutrition

By Keri Glassman

A morning, noon and night’s worth of satisfying eats – all for under 6 700kJ!


Eggs and greens
1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
1 cup sliced mushrooms
2 cups spinach
1 egg
1 tbsp chilli sauce

Add half the olive oil to a heated pan, sauté mushrooms and spinach, then remove and place on a plate. Add remaining olive oil to the pan. Crack egg into the pan and cook sunny-side up. Add egg to vegetables. Drizzle with chilli sauce.

Total: 961kJ

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Mix together 1 tbsp dried cranberries, 3 strips dried mango slices, chopped, 1 tbsp almonds, 1 tbsp pistachios and 1 tbsp
sunflower seeds.

Total: 1 170kJ


Tuna and avo sandwich
⅓ avocado, mashed
½ tbsp lemon juice
120g light-meat shredded tuna, drained
1 thick slice tomato
1 piece butter lettuce
1 slice red onion
1 slice whole-grain bread

Combine avocado with lemon juice and mix with tuna. Stack tomato, lettuce, onion and avocado-and-tuna mixture on bread for
an open-face sandwich.

Total: 1 460kJ

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1 cup frozen green grapes (or similar fruit) and ½ cup low-fat cottage cheese.

Total: 795kJ


Cookout for one
1 beef sausage
½ cup baked beans
1 whole-wheat hot-dog roll
½ tbsp whole-grain mustard
½ tbsp sweet relish
1 cup sliced melon (or similar fruit)

Cook hot dog and heat baked beans in a saucepan. Serve hot dog in the roll, topped with mustard and relish and with beans and melon on the side.

Total: 2 050kJ

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