Fit Night Out 4-Week Total-Body Workout Plan

by | Jul 4, 2023 | Workouts

Get ready for Fit Night Out with this conditioning workout from PUMA ambassador and group exercise instructor Jessica Naylor. This total-body workout will challenge your muscles while setting you up for fitness success. We’re here for it!

We know, jamming away to workouts at FNO won’t feel as much of an effort when you’re having so much fun. But the next day? You might experience sore muscles from doing moves you’ve never done before. To get you ready for the big day (and avoid all those post-workout pains), we’ve asked PUMA ambassador and trainer Jessica Naylor for a few moves that’ll ensure you’re workout-ready for a marathon of fun. “My aim is to get every girl and woman moving,” says Naylor. “Body positivity is key with me and I move with meaning.” This conditioning workout – enhancing your performance and bod’s abilities – will build power, coordination, speed and get you ready for FNO!

The Workout

The best part about this conditioning workout is that you need zero equipment to get your heart pumping. Work for 20 to 30 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and get going again. This workout is designed for you to do again, working your way up to 60 seconds of work, with 10 seconds of rest.

Skipping on the spot

Pretend to hold a skipping rope handle in each hand. While rotating your wrists as though you were spinning a rope, jump and land with one heel forward, gently tapping it. Jump again and land with the other heel forward. Keep going for 20 to 30 seconds.

Alternating toe tap

Start in standing position. Bring one leg up, bending the knee and bringing your alternating arm down to touch the toe of the lifted leg. Now alternate with the other leg.

Reverse lunge & raise

Start in standing position. Take one leg back and lunge so that your leg is perpendicular with the floor, raising your arms above your head as you do. Alternate your legs with each rep.

Jump squats

Squat down with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Now, drive through the balls of your feet and jump up, using your arms to gain momentum. Land gently, with soft and bent knees. That’s one – this is going to burn.

Curtsey pulse

Start with your feet wider than hip-width apart. Take one leg back and curtsey for three pulses. Stand up and repeat the move on the other side. Keep your arms up and at shoulder level.

Side plank

Start in a side plank position, balancing on your forearms, keeping your head and spine neutral as you engage your core, lifting your hips and knees off the floor. If you feel up to it, lift your arm to raise overhead. Keen to challenge yourself more? Lift your resting leg up off the floor.

Bodyweight press up

Start lying down on your belly, arms at your chest. Press yourself up into high plank position, keeping your spine, core and legs all tight. Slowly come down to start, then reach your hands in front of your body, tapping the floor with your fingertips. That’s one rep. For an extra challenge, try pause a beat in plank to challenge your core.

Rocking plank

Get into a forearm plank position, keeping your core engaged and being careful not to drop your glutes. Shift your weight forwards over your shoulders and then rock back to start. That’s one – keep going!

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