Found – The Perfect All-In-One Cleansers For Lazy Girls!

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Skincare

Meet your skin’s new BFF.

Micellar waters are a dream product for lazy girls. Turns out micellar water has been around for more than a hundred years, first gaining popularity in France, where our trés chic sisters have been keeping the skincare secret that allows them to jump into bed with a cleansed face, sans fuss. So, what is the secret? Well, it’s water.

Wait, wait – water?

What’s special about this water? Did it bubble up out of a sapphire-encrusted spring of virgin fairy tears? Not quite. It’s actually a light cleansing water made up of tiny oil molecules called “micelles” (hence the name), suspended in the water, says dermatologist Dr David Bank. Unlike traditional cleansers, which usually contain chemicals to dissolve the bond between the skin and cosmetic pigments before they’re rinsed off, micelles “grab” directly onto dirt and make-up on the skin, allowing you to easily wipe your face clean – no rinsing required. Because it’s water! “Compared to detergent-based cleansers, they are milder in cleansing,” says cosmetic chemist Dr Joan Chui. “Micellar water is great for sensitive skin types, as there is no need to rub your skin to remove make-up and dirt, which can lead to redness and irritation,” adds Bank. Plus it’s soap-free – another bonus for the sensitive ones.

One water to clean all?

It is really okay to just wipe your face clean before bed? Is it enough? “People with oily skin may not feel that micellar water cleanses their skin thoroughly,” says Bank. But for those with normal or sensitive skin, “cleansing water can be used every day as part of a skincare routine,” he adds. Here’s just a sample of of what’s out there – and a few of our favourites…

Garnier cleanser

GARNIER SKINACTIVE MICELLAR OIL-INFUSED CLEANSING WATER (R90, 400ML). Super-cleanses face without stripping moisture or leaving any trace of product behind. The added argan oil gives skin a non-greasy natural boost.

Filorga cleanser

FILORGA ANTI-AGING MICELLAR SOLUTION (R440, 400ML) Cleanses skin and contains rich rhamnose, which provides anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and soothing actions.

bioderma cleanser

BIODERMA HYDRABIO H20 (R210, 250ML) This fragrance- free liquid is the first cleansing and moisturising micelle solution with Aquagenium, which helps skin biologically regain its natural moisturising and water-retention abilities.

La Mer cleanser

LA MER CLEANSING MICELLAR WATER (R1 360, 200ML) La Mer’s signature marine nutrients and nourishing Miracle Broth gently wipes away the remains of the day, leaving behind hydrated and soothed skin.

Lancome cleanser

LANCÔME EAU MICELLAIRE DOUCEUR (R419, 200ML) Cleanses and tones, leaving skin refreshed and ready for the next step in your regime. The clever pump dispenser earns it extra points.

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