This Four-Ingredient Tart Couldn’t Be Quicker Or Easier To Make

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Recipes

When you’ve had a busy day and suddenly remember that you’re hosting this month’s book club get together that evening, the thought of having to quickly prepare a delicious meal can be pretty daunting. Luckily, dessert is sorted with this super-quick and easy vegan blueberry tart. And it doesn’t require any fancy ingredients – just store-bought puff pastry (who has time to make their own?), blueberries, coconut sugar (or the sweetener of your choice) and some lemon juice.

This tart is vegan (yup, many store-bought puff pastries don’t actually use any butter!) and because it uses coconut sugar, it’s refined-sugar free.

You bake it on a tray so all you have to do once it’s cooked is cut it into squares and serve. If you wanted to be fancy, you could serve it with a scoop of ice cream too (I love Unframed Ice Cream and Yo Coco).

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