The Painless “G-Shot” Injection Will Give You MUCH Deeper Orgasms

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Sex & Love

Painful intercourse. Diminished arousal and orgasm. Genital dryness. Familiar with any of these lady-wood killers? There’s a good chance many of you are. “As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in tissue diminishes, sometimes resulting in difficulty during sex,” explains aesthetic gynaecologist and endoscopic surgeon Dr Natalia Novikova from

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The G-Shot

But there’s a solution: G-spot amplification, aka the G-shot. “It’s an injection that enhances feeling in the G-spot, creating more fullness and allowing women to experience enhanced sexual arousal as well as more intense and deeper orgasms,” says Novikova. “Women who have lost sexual sensation or vaginal orgasm or women who experience pain during intercourse and genital dryness often feel dramatically increased sensation,” explains Novikova.

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So, How Does It Work?

The procedure takes just a few minutes and the doctor will use a speculum (the instrument used during a Pap smear) to reach your G-spot. A numbing cream is applied and then hyaluronic acid is injected into the spot. Wondering what’s so special about this particular acid? “It has an exceptional ability to bind water and therefore gives structure and moisture to any damaged tissue in the G-spot area,” explains Novikova.

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The gynaecologist further explains that “women who were able to experience vaginal orgasm easily, but now face difficulty with it are likely candidates for the treatment.” If you’re interested in undergoing the procedure, it’s important to understand that it’s not a miracle cure – it’s not going to help you with sexual dysfunction or problems in your relationships. But if you’re looking to revive your sensation during sex to its former glory, it could help you reach that sweet spot.

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The Low-Down

What is it? An injection to enhance sexual arousal and orgasm.

How long do the effects last? Four to 12 months.

How painful is it? Numbing cream is used to prevent any pain.

How long until you can have sex again? Four hours.

Is it necessary to repeat the treatment? Since the effects wear off after a few months, you could choose to repeat the procedure.

Cost? R6 000 (including filler)

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