Gabrielle Union On Why Skinny Margaritas And Master Cleanses Are SO Not Her

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Life

by Alexandra Gomez

Our April cover star dishes on everything from Trump to juice cleanses in this BTS video.

One way Gabrielle Union has lasted 20 years in the industry is that she always keeps it real. That applies to everything, be it dealing with haters, eating whatever she feels like, or speaking up about the important issues facing women today.

Case in point, her experience doing the Master Cleanse: “The craziest diet I ever tried was when everyone was doing the Master Cleanse a thousand years ago, I attempted it,” she tells Women’s Health in an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview at her cover shoot for our March issue. “I lasted about a day and a half and then the rage set in…You can’t do the Master Cleanse and have a normal life. Like I’m cussing everybody out…’cause I’m hungry.”

Now, she sticks to eating what she wants, when she wants it.

“If I don’t feel like it, I don’t feel like it,” she says. “I’m gonna have a margarita—I’m not gonna get the ‘skinny margarita’, I’m gonna get the one with all the frickin’ calories. I’m gonna have a cheeseburger, I’m gonna have a pound of bacon, and then, maybe, the next day, I’ll try to pull it together. But I try not to be too crazy with it. I’m pretty sure I need gluten. Like, I need gluten.”

And she doesn’t try to make up for those indulgences in the gym, either.

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As the workout phases come and go, I’ll try everything,” she says. “Nothing, not one thing, has stuck. I’ve tried kickboxing, cardio barre, I’ve tried a SoulCycle class…I’m not a class person.”

Another time Gabrielle isn’t afraid to speak her mind is when it comes to teaching our children how to respect others.

I think that the more we talk about consent, the more we talk about toxic masculinity, the more we talk about affirmative consent…I don’t think there’s ever too young of an age to start these conversations,” she says. “Be very clear about what’s appropriate, what’s legal, what’s not legal. All these conversations are super important.”

If someone doesn’t like what she has to say, Gab could not care less. “I’ve never met a hater whose life I wish I had…focus on your own life.”

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