These 11 Galentine’s Day Date Ideas Are SO Cute And Doable

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Entertainment

Galentine’s Day is upon us and it’s a healthy way to celebrate the most important connections in your life: your girlfriends. To celebrate your BFFs, why not throw a party using one of these Galentine’s Day date ideas? We love love, in all its forms.

Galentine’s Day date ideas

Pyjama Party

There’s cozy cardio, now let’s hear it for cosy get-togethers! This one is all about the comfort of being around your gals. Don your cutest set, put out the pillows, carpets and tea (or champers) and get casual! Play some board games, order that pizza and cue the cheesiest chick flick you all love because this one is all about celebrating in comfort. For extra boujeeness, rent a hotel room and request all the pillows your hearts desire.

galentine's day date ideas picnic

Book-themed Picnic

This idea is perfect for that book club you love so much. Tell each gal to prep a picnic basket with their favourite book – and snacks and drinks that fit the theme of that book. Harry Potter nerd? Think: fire whiskey, chocolate frogs and jelly beans. The options are endless.

Sip ‘n Paint

This one is ideal as a beautiful, low-key but regenerative meet-up. Just prep some wine and paper or canvas and paints and you’ve set yourself up for success with the ladies. Have them framed, too, and hang your stunning works of art in celebration of what it means to have that unique friendship.

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pamper party galentine's day date ideas

Pamper Party

A pamper party calls for our favourite things: face masks, 10-step skincare routines, nail polish, hair curlers and all the cheese. Wear all the pink, go from station to station and indulge in all the fun. *Cues Taylor Swift playlist*

Outdoor Movie Night

Grab the picnic blankets, the pillows and the popcorn: this is going to be a starry, starry night. Take a vote on which romantic film should be played (or just go with any other genre) and set up the projector outside.

Manicure Party

Book out a nail salon for the night and bring the snacks and drinks. Each girl will get to have their nails done in luxury as you chat the evening away. Bonus points if you coordinate your manis as a girl gang.

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Tea Party

What’s a tea party without your posse? For a fun twist, have each guest bring their fave cake and make fun sparkling drinks in shades of pink, red and orange. The Instagram pictures will be fire. Do a blind cake tasting and together, vote on the yummiest cake! Or you know, spill the tea and indulge as you will.

Channel Marie Antoinette

This one requires a fun dress-up and who could turn down the chance to channel their inner Marie Antoinette? Simply deck the room in splendour and eat all the cake you’d like. Make sure there’s music, dancing and all the fun.

Girls’ Brunch

This one works at home or at a scenic restaurant where the view matches the vibes. Bottomless mimosas are strongly encouraged.

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galentine's day ideas crafts

Crafting Celebration

If you and your BFFs are crafty, why not channel that energy with a crafting party? Set out the gadgets, pick a craft, and get creative. You could make something super simple like a bag, jewellery and more. Check out this post on DIY crafts for ideas.

Workout Party

If your posse loves a good sweat – and those bonus Vitality points – why not maximise on this by checking into your fave gym for a hot sweat sesh? After, go hang out at brunch or at a watering hole to cool off.

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