“Exactly How I Lost Over 50 Kilos — Without Going To The Gym”

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Weight Loss

Gaynor Kademan took control of her life by taking back her body. Here’s how to lose 50kg without going to the gym!
“I look in the mirror these days and love the person looking back at me,” says Gaynor Kademan who, after 17 years, finally returned to karate. The reason for the long hiatus? Her weight.
BEFORE: 125kg
AFTER: 75kg
Height: 1.65m
Time taken to lose weight: 19 months
Lesson learnt: “My relationship with food has played a big role in my life”
Secret weapon: Portion control


“I have to admit that I never thought I was overweight,” says Gaynor. Being overweight was a part of life: between working, raising children and spending time with her husband and family, Gaynor juggled a hectic schedule and her health came last. “My food choices were bad – cake, instant porridge. And I ate huge portions at mealtimes.”

“I lost 50kg without joining a gym”


Last year, Gaynor started feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. Then a visit to the doctor shocked her into turning her life around. “When I got off the scale I was told I was close to becoming diabetic, having high blood pressure and cholesterol issues,” she says.


Gaynor began shrinking her portions. “I now eat six times a day. I have protein and salad for lunch and dinner and yoghurt or fruit at snack times,” she says. With newfound energy, she decided to whip out her workout clothes. “I did the basics: star jumps, push-ups, squats and crunches. It was hard work at first, with all the fat jumping with you when you jump, but I persevered.”


Gaynor is now at a healthy weight and up for any fitness challenge. “I returned to karate and recently walked away with a silver medal. I was a 48 dress size and now I’m a 34!” The rewarding part is that she did the work without splashing out on a gym membership. “I exercised at home with my husband’s support.”


Schedule fitness. “Find time to exercise, even in the morning and at night.”
Don’t starve. “Plan and pack six small meals, so you don’t get hungry and eat the wrong stuff.”
Take the right sip. “I drink lots of water and green tea.”

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