“I Tried The #GlitterMask You’ve Seen All Over The Internet”

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You know what they say, “a person’s Instagram feed is a peek into their soul,” – and my feed lately has been abuzz with glitter mask selfies. Practising self-care was one of my New Year resolutions and, unlike eating (way) less chocolate, I’ve managed to stick to it. Generally it means Sunday evening face-masking, bedtime candles and the odd massage here and there.

For the record, my #SelfCareSunday never includes Instagram selfies. I guess my face mask, while deeply hydrating, simply hasn’t been selfie-worthy. But would this change if the face mask was flecked with holographic silver glitter? And could such a mask really offer me any benefits besides skintertainment? Naturally, I had to investigate…

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Truthfully the excitement began from the moment I got my hands on the glittery pot of gel. Upon opening the box, I was also excited to discover the cutest little application brush. I dunked the brush into the pot, marvelled at the molten substance and began to layer it onto my freshly cleansed face. First up, the sparkle was glorious. And while the star-shaped glitter pieces don’t actually have any medical benefits, they really do add drama to the ritual. Secondly, it smells pina coladas – Sunday funday anyone?

(There’s no need to worry – the glitter in the mask doesn’t scratch your skin. It’s encapsulated in the gel mask formula, which means it won’t stick around once you’ve peeled the mask off either. There’s no need to worry about glittery residue being left behind.)

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I marvelled at my sparkly face in the mirror, watched the thin yet even layer that I had applied tighten up on my face and then it happened. My first ever face mask selfie! I even switched my iPhone camera to “time lapse” mode and filmed the peel-off. It was gloriously satisfying. As were the dozen or so replies I received to my Instagram story.

It has to be said, this almost sceptic was pleasantly surprised by the results. Aside from the gimmick of the glitter, this mask offers all the benefits of the GlamGlow GravityMud Firming Treatment. It’s packed with skin-enhancing ingredients like liquorice and marshmallow leaf, which are both useful for plumping skin and evening out skin tone. I could see a significant reduction in redness and was actually impressed at how smooth my skin felt to the touch. The final finish is mattifying, which I was surprised by considering the glitter and all, but I was genuinely impressed by the significant change in my skin.

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This mask will definitely be making a regular appearance in my beauty routine. As for the selfie (maskie?), I think that’s more likely to remain a once-off.


#GlitterMask GravityMud GlamGlow Firming Treatment, R860, at RedSquare

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