Here’s Why More Sex Is Actually Good For Your Health

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Sex & Love

Researchers at the University of West Scotland found that sex, like exercise, releases anxiety, lowers stress hormones and can help people ease mental pressure for at least a week. In the study, 46 women and men were put in a stressful situation involving speaking and working with maths problems in front of an audience. Participants were also asked to keep a diary of their sexual activity for two weeks prior to the test. It turned out that those who had sex were the least stressed out, and their blood pressure returned to normal faster after the public speaking test than it did for the participants who abstained from sex.

Here’s why getting down can give you a pick-me-up…

A roll in the hay keeps the doctor away

People who have sex once or twice weekly have stronger immune systems than people who have sex once a week, research shows. In a study at Wilkes university in the us, participants who had sex once or twice a week had 30 percent more of the antigen immunoglobulin a (the body’s first line of defense against colds and flu) than those who had sex less often.

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Good loving is better than a bandage

Love helps bodies heal better. Researchers at Ohio State university Medical centre inflicted minor blister wounds on the arms of 45 married couples during 24-hour visits on two different occasions. on the first visit, the couples were prompted to have a supportive, positive discussion. two months later, after new wounds were administered, the couples were prompted to argue. results showed that wounds healed nearly twice as fast after the warm and positive interaction.

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More sex may turn back the clock

Can having sex keep wrinkles away? In a 10-year study at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland, neuropsychologist David Weeks interviewed 3500 adults and found that people who reported having sex four times a week looked 10 years younger than they actually were. Sex causes us to release hormones that are crucial in preserving youth, such as human growth hormone, he says.

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Frequent orgasms may protect against cancer

A study in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology found a correlation between lack of vaginal intercourse and increased risk of breast cancer. some scientists theorise that sperm may contain antigens. Others believe hormones like oxytocin and dhea, which increase during arousal, may provide some protective effect.

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Love longer, keep him around longer

Having regular sex may help women protect their partners’ health. A study published in the British Medical Journal tracked the mortality of 1000 middle-aged men over a decade and concluded that sexual activity may have a protective effect on middle-age health.

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Couples who have more sex are happier!

A survey of 5000 people showed that married men and women are significantly more likely to report being happy than their single counterparts. Could it have something to do with the fact that sex is easier for cohabiting couples? Sexual activity is two percent to 300 percent greater for married couples, compared to non-married people, depending on age, according to a study conducted by the University of Chicago.

Doing it burns kilojoules

Due to its brevity, having an orgasm fries only a few kilojoules. But the prelude can burn quite a bit more. Depending on your weights and vigour of the lovemaking session, you’ll likely churn through 210 to 830kJ.

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