5 Habits That Can Seriously Strengthen Your Relationship

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Sex & Love

Want to strengthen your relationship? Read on for five romantic gestures to embrace…

1. Say “I love you”

It might be the biggest cliché, but if those words are missing from your relationship, it can create insecurity, says sexpert Dr Elna Rudolph, clinical head of MySexualHealth.co.za. Say them less out of habit, more when you’re struck by how much you adore him.

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2. Celebrate

Revel in his achievements. A US study found that couples’ actions during happy moments are more important than what they do during trying ones.

3. Talk dirty

It’s fine to say “You look nice” but it’s far better to say “Your butt is awesome” or “That outfit turns me on,” says Rudolph.

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4. Surprise each other

Being romantic needn’t be a chore. Consider what would do romantic things they would like, but he may appreciate you dishing up his meal far more than a handwritten note in his lunchbox,” says Rudolph. And he should follow suit!

5. Have rituals

Whether it’s Sunday morning breakfast or a phone call on the way home, routines are crucial to a solid twosome, according to a Communication Studies report.

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