9 Things Every Serious Fit Girl Should Always Have In Her Gym Bag

by | Jan 8, 2024 | Style & Beauty

When making your way to the gym, it’s crucial that you have everything you need to make the whole experience a pleasant one for yourself – and others. Seriously, do not leave home without the following…

1. Towel

We’re assuming you’re already familiar with how the gym environment works. Now, imagine sitting in a puddle of someone else’s sweat, or grabbing slippery weight bars. If that thought made you cringe, our work here is done. Look out for a towel with pockets to store your keys, gym card and phone during sessions.

Try: Maxed Zip-pocket Gym Towel, R119 at Mr Price Sport

2. Deodorant

Hands up who wants to be “the smelly one” at the gym! If that’s not reason enough, here’s an even ickier one: underarm moisture can lead to odour-causing bacteria, so it’s actually wise to use antiperspirant to help fight the build-up. Also, if you don’t sweat at gym, we suggest you re-evaluate your workouts. Just sayin’.

Try: Mitchum Advanced Control Anti-perspirant, R55 at Clicks

3. Shower Gel

Unless you’re not planning to shower… Which we strongly advise against. “It’s really not about the smell of sweat that you have to worry about, but the fact that perspiration left behind on your skin allows bacteria to proliferate and that can lead to rashes and breakouts,” explains Dr Holly L. Phillips, a Women’s Health physician and medical contributor. And believe it or not, bacne and butt zits aren’t the worst of it. Guys, just take that shower after your workout.

Try: Nivea Oil Pearls Shower Creme Cherry Blossom, R85 at Clicks

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4. BB Cream

BB cream is the titan of all multitasking products. One step to do it all: it’ll literally hydrate and conceal, it has SPF and brightens your skin too. Some even reduce the signs of ageing! Which is exactly why you need it in your gym bag.

Try: Clarins RE-BOOST Healthy Glow Tinted Gel-Cream, R550 at Clarins

5. Dry Shampoo

We all know how much admin washing your hair can be. Think: shampoo, condition and the dreaded drying… Who has the time? Your go-to is pretty obvious: dry shampoo.

Try: Batiste Dry Shampoo, R112 at Takealot

6. Lip Balm

A touch of lip gloss will go a long way, and it’s a game-changer when you’re in a rush. It’s hassle-free and you can apply it on the go – no mirror needed! Tip: Always go for a balm that contains SPF.

Try: Labello Hydro Care Lip Balm, R40 at Clicks

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7. Hair Ties

You don’t need distractions at the gym – especially avoidable ones like hair in your face. Seriously. Nuff said.

Try: Invisbobble Hair Rings, R40 at Takealot

8. Face Mist

Mists are great to balance pH levels after you wash your face and prep it for moisturiser. They’re also super-convenient workday pick-me-ups, and lifesavers when it comes to freshening up make-up. But did you know you can also use them post-workout for a dose of moisture and cooling?

Try: Avene Thermal Water, R176 at Clicks

9. Hand Cream

Hand cream is the bomb because it doubles as a body lotion. And it’s not a space hog. Essential!

Try: Eucerin Repair Hand Creme with 5% Urea, R180 at Dis-chem

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