5 Hair Oils That’ll Guarantee A Good Hair Day Every Single Day

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Fact: Natural hair needs extra moisture to truly thrive. One of the best ways to lock in that moisture is with a hair oil. What you want is something that’s not too oily (Snape was a lot of things, but he was not a style icon), but heavy enough to keep strands slick. We’ve rounded up the hair oils you can use to make sure your edges are popping, scalp shining and dandruff a no-show.

Avocado Oil

Just like avocado, its oil has proteins, healthy fats and vitamin A (the star vitamin for good hair). We’re talking about proteins that’ll help repair damaged cuticles, and prevent future breakage and frizz. Avocado oil is particularly amazing because it’s strong and most effective when used on medium to thick hair.

Try: Perfect Choice Moisturising Cream Spray – Avocado Oil (R24) at Dis-chem

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Jojoba Oil

Strictly speaking, jojoba oil isn’t actually an oil. It’s liquefied wax that’s extracted from a shrub native to the southwestern parts of the US. Jojoba oil is high in vitamins A, E and D so it’s a winner for all hair types. You’ll find it in a host of haircare products.

Try: ORS Organic Root Jojoba Oil (R80) at Dis-chem 

Argan Oil

Argan oil is worth every cent – those who already use it know exactly what we’re talking about. It’s packed with vitamin E, omega-3 and 9 fatty acids, and antioxidants, all of which do amazing things to damaged, dry, coarse or otherwise unmanageable hair.

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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most powerful and most loved oils the world over. It’s amazing for your skin – and equally great for your hair. It’s high in vitamin E and other nutrients, which your tresses absorb easily. It’ll leave your locks thicker, shinier, healthier and with stronger roots. Bonus points: it contains lauric and capric acid, which have antimicrobial powers, meaning it’ll make your hair and scalp healthier and prevent dandruff, itchy scalp and infections.

Try: MPL Hair Oil Coconut (R22) at Clicks 

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Jamaican Castor Oil

This oil has to be one of the cheapest natural hair oils available! In the past, castor oil was (and actually still is) used as a laxative, but lately, it’s been buzzing in the hair business. Best part? It only takes a small amount to moisturise natural hair. Note: Jamaican black castor oil has more benefits than the regular oil. Its nutty smell and dark colour come from roasted castor beans and ashes – known to promote hair growth.

Try: Pure Royal Jamaican Castor Oil (R100) at Clicks

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