5 Really Affordable Hand Sanitisers That Won’t Harm Your Skin

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Hand sanitiser is the solution to quite a few problems. One, it saves water – and with this drought situation happening in Cape Town, it’s totally a vibe. Two, you’re saving money: it’s like a two-in-one product, which cleanses and moisturises simultaneously. Three, it’s convenient – you can literally use it anywhere.

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Why You Should Be Using Sanitisers

Forget gooey old soaps – hand sanitisers are the bomb at maintaining good hygiene. But hear this: You have to use it correctly to ensure it’s actually effective rather than harmful. Firstly, it’s effectiveness depends on the ingredients it contains (see our pick of good-for-skin sanitisers below), plus how it’s applied – and that’s where you come in. Remember to cover the entire surface area of your hands, getting right there in between the fingers.

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Oh So Heavenly Happy Hands Hygiene Waterless Hand Cleanser (R12)

Oh So Heavenly Happy Hand Come Clean Hygiene Waterless Hand Cleanser is a cleansing hygiene gel that effectively washes away dirt and germs, leaving hands clean, dry and lightly scented. Handy handbag size for on-the-go convenience! Get it at Clicks

Clicks Hygiene Waterless Sanitiser Lavender (R11)

This Clicks Hygiene Waterless Sanitiser Lavender is made with moisturising shea butter to protect hands, while declaring war on germs. We love! Get it at Clicks

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitiser Original (R25.20)

Simple, fast and effective, this uber-refreshing Dettol Instant Hand Santiser protects your hands against 99.9 percent of the germs we’re exposed to on a daily basis. The best part? No need for soap or water. A great hygiene solution for moms and families needing on-the-go protection. Get it at Dischem 

Nu-Eco Waterless Hand Cleanser (R24)


This natural, waterless hand cleansing formula from Nu-Eco removes dirt, grime and microbes from your skin, leaving your hands hygienic and refreshed. Perfect for travels and car tips, or any situation where there isn’t a faucet handy. Get it at Faithful-To-Nature 

EarthSap Hand Sanitizer Tea Tree (R56.44)

We especially adore this one because it’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and it’s made right here in SA. No need to worry about preservatives, sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) and synthetic fragrances – all it does is effectively kill germs naturally. Just spray on hands and let it dry out itself. Get it at Wellness Warehouse

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