4 Tips That Will Help You Take Care For Your Handbag

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Style

Photography by Pete Bellis/Unsplash

Finally! Bagged it!

“Designer bags are made with love and care and are meant to be your lifelong style companion,” says WH fashion editor Mari Groenewald. Here’s how to keep yours fresh. Your Fendi will thank you!

Keep it in shape 

Don’t just dump your Hermès in a heap — make sure it’s stored in a way that will preserve its shape. Store it upright in its original dust cover or a cotton pillowcase and never stuff it with newspaper — this will stain your bag. Instead, fill it with acid-free paper.

Pack Light

Overloading your bag will ruin its shape, stretch the fabric, tear lining and curtail its longevity. “If it bulges, do a quick recon: edit your beauty products, ditch the heavy coins and get a smaller purse for more space,” says Groenewald.

Keep It Clean

Bags are made from different materials so be sure to find out yours and get a care product that treats it well.

Leather = mild liquid soap + warm water + soft cloth.
Suede = 1 tablespoon vinegar + towel (do not soak) + suede brush, when dry.
Canvas = baby soap + warm water + gentle dabs.

Protect It

A study done in the UK reveals bags are as germy as a toilet! Use a bag hook.

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