Here’s The Healthiest Food You Can Order From Food Delivery Apps

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Food & Nutrition

Aah, food delivery apps. We’ve come a long, long way from the days of dialling your local pizza joint and having to repeat your order five times while SPEAKING LIKE THIS TO MAKE SURE THEY’VE HEARD YOU, then paying with actual paper money when the delivery guy arrives. Now, thankfully, you can order from your phone, no vocal chords required, and customize your order until it’s almost nothing like the deep-dish triple-stacked Meat Supreme on the menu.

You’re also no longer relegated to a carby pizza, either. We’re opting for healthier fare, it seems. “Our statistics show that Asian, healthy foods and sushi top the food delivery lists across all metropoles, painting a pretty healthy picture for South African cities,” says OrderIn founder and CEO, Dinesh Patel. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the healthiest options to order next when lunch rolls around and you forgot to brown-bag it. 

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If You Want… A Salad

There is a way to eat a salad and not feel like you’re munching a compost heap. Go for orders that are heavy on veg and aren’t all lettuce – it’ll leave you feeling like it’s more of a meal, and the extra veg will keep you fuller for longer.

In Cape Town, get Bowls On Bree

Abundance bowls make everything better, including that new year’s resolution to “eat healthier”. Pick from raw tuna or salmon with sprouts, slaw, and pickled veg. Lettuce who?

Bowls on Bree is on OrderIn and UberEATS.

In Joburg, get Love Food

Every day you can choose from the lunch of the day option, which tends towards the kilojoule-heavy side, but you can also pick a selection of fresh salads. Mix them up, eat, and be merry!

Love Food is on UberEATS and OrderIn 

In Durban, get Nü 

The salad selection is really good, and you never feel like it’s just a heap of iceberg lettuce and raw, sliced onions. Get a bowl with quinoa – the added protein and fibre are ace at keeping you satiated until dinner rolls around.

Nü is on OrderIn 

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If You Want… Asian Cuisine

Most – I repeat, most –  Asian cuisine tends to be healthful because of its natural reliance on vegetables. But it’s easy to go overboard on the naan and chow mein, so pick a meal without a heavy carb at its base, like glass noodles or brown rice. And to keep the kilojoules even lower, opt for the veg option instead of chicken or beef. Often, the tofu will give you more than enough protein and keep you full.

In Cape Town, get  Wonderful Asian & Sushi

Opt out of the fried meats and instead go for fresh sushi or healthful Thai curries.

Wonderful Asian is on OrderIn and UberEATS

In Joburg, get Dong Sheng  

Try the Lunchbox, a selection of 17 pieces of sushi. Or even better, order a warm bowl of fragrant, healthy soup.

Dong Sheng is on OrderIn

In Durban, get Kebabish

Indian food is comforting and the spices like turmeric, chilli and ginger are heart-and-waist healthy. Go for dhal: the lentil curry is super filling and high in protein.

Kebabish is on UberEATS

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If You Want… Something Different

In Cape Town, get Hokey Poke 

This Hawaiian-inspired joint blends trendy food with wholesome options. You can build your own meal from a bunch of options. To keep it healthful, go for brown rice, kale slaw or baby leaves as a base.

Hokey Poke is on OrderIn and UberEATS 

In Joburg, get Parc Ferme

A little pricey, but a nice spoil for yourself. The French cuisine makes for fine dining at your desk. Try the crusted seared salmon  – it comes with a citrusy side salad. Skip the beurre blanc if you’re watching your kilojoules.

Parc Ferme is on OrderIn 

In Durban, get The Falafel Company

Who can deny Greek cuisine? This menu is heavy on the hummus and falafel, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you smash it with a salad. You can pick create your own bowl from the menu, too.

The Falafel Company is on UberEATS

No. 2: Salmon, Avocado, Edamame, Sweet onions, Coriander, Tobiko, Toasted Almonds.

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