This Filling, Healthy Salad With Mackerel Is Perfect For Work

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Recipes

Looking for a healthy salad that will actually fill you up and keep you fuelled for the work day? We present this nutritious, crunchy, easy-to-make recipe with red leaves and orange segments.

The trick with making a good salad is having all the different components that make it tasty, a variety of textures and adding some protein to keep you satiated. This might seem like there’s a lot of ingredients initially, but it’s worth the flavour punch!

The woman behind this healthy salad

This recipe was designed by Catherine Phillips and is extracted from her book Leaf: Lettuce, Greens, Herbs, Weeds.

Leaf: Lettuce, Greens, Herbs, Weeds

Yes, weeds! Here you’ll find the best ways to make the most of all your leafy greens. With regards to this recipe specifically, Catherine says: “This is a good recipe to prepare ahead and will keep well in the fridge as long as you follow the salting instructions below — if you skip this step, the vegetables will go soggy.”

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healthy salad with mackerel

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Tips for making a delicious healthy salad

All salads are not equal. In South Africa we have access to high-quality, locally grown fresh produce and we need to learn how to make the most of it. There are easy ways to take your salad from bleh to brilliant. We’ve put together this easy check-list for you:

  1. Use crunchy, fresh leaves — rinsed and refreshed if needs be.
  2. Add all kinds of texture. Think creamy avo, crunchy carrots, chewy chickpeas…
  3. Add protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer: lentils, chickpeas, toasted nuts and seeds, tuna, cheese, chicken, egg.
  4. Don’t smother your salad in a calorific dressing. Think of a light dressing that will enhance the flavours of your ingredients: olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice.
  5. Add herbs and zest for extra flavour so you can go easy on the salt.

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