This Heatless Hack Gave Me The Curl Texture Of My Dreams

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Hair

ICYMI, there’s a heatless curling technique trending (#robecurls) on TikTok right now where people take the rope from their bathrobes and wrap their hair around it, wear it overnight while they sleep, and wake up in the morning to insanely pretty curls. A major bonus? No heat = no damage to your hair.

The trick has picked up millions and millions of views on the app, so I figured it was too good to be true and just another over-hyped “hack” bound to disappear in a couple of weeks. Then, I reconsidered because, it’s true…the curls did look amazing. Thus, in the name of journalism, I decided to give it a try. (What’s that you say? Bored? Not me!)

Here’s How It Works


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There are two ways to go about robe curls: You can 1) use the rope as-is for tight, spiral-like results or you can 2.) fold the rope in half for bigger, looser curls. I went somewhere in the middle given that I was using a thin satin belt.

I washed my hair as normal then applied some curl defining cream before allowing my hair to dry a bit. Your hair needs to be damp for this to be successful, so be sure not to let it get too dry or be too wet. Then I took the belt and flattened it onto my head so that it sat kind of like a Blair Waldorf headband. After doing this, I started bringing strands of my hair around the rope in an over-under motion, combining a new piece each time so that it was basically like the process of braiding. Once you’ve brought all the hair on one side of your head to the end of the rope, you fasten it with hair bands. Then you just repeat on the other side and head to bed for some zzz’s.

The Results

Okay, I had to try this trend twice in order for it to be a success. The first time, I started braiding from the top of my head which resulted in me looking like I stepped off the streets of Whoville. The curls were too tight, so I decided to try it again but this time I braided from the middle.

The next morning after my first failed attempt, I was a bit apprehensive. But as I slowly pulled the belt from my head, I could already see that curls would be a lot better this time. Once the rope was out, I combed my fingers through my hair, flipped it upside down and gave it a shake to help loosen the curls. Then I spritzed my hair with some water and a tiny bit of conditioner to help tame the frizz. After doing all of this my hair was *chef’s kiss* gorg!

To Robe Or Not To Robe?

Would I recommend this hack? If you’re on the lazier side or have a lot of heat damage, sure. It’s definitely a healthier way to get loose, effortless-looking curls if you don’t want to spend time using an iron in the morning.

That said, I think you could achieve a sleeker, more professional-looking final product by just learning how to use a heated curling tool. Curling irons give you more control over how you want each curl to look, and with this hack, you’re kind of just wrapping it around your head and praying it looks good when you wake up.

To be honest, I would probably try this hack again as it made my hair more manageable and gave the curl definition, so I would defs tell you to give it a try if you’re curious. Go ahead, TikTok-ers, grab your bath robe and try this curling hack.

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