Here’s Exactly How To Start Working Out Again, After A Winter Hibernating

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Fitness, Physical Health, Workouts

How to start working out again: a thing I very nearly actually googled after a looong winter spent eating my frustration at colder weather and cuddled up with my loveable pup.

And if squeezing your butt into suspiciously tight jeans has you staring guiltily at your gym tights, know that you’re not alone.

Head of Marketing at Ignite Fitness, Kerry-Anne Mathieson, says that they see a big influx of current and new members visiting their gyms around Spring. “There is a general downward trend of gym access during the colder months, with people opting to stay indoors rather than sweat it out at the gym – it’s human nature,” she says. “With the warmer weather and longer days around the corner, people are more likely to hit the gym again!” she says.

Phew. But where to start?

How To Start Working Out Again

Eduan James, a Fitness Specialist for Ignite Fitness, says we should take things slow. Nothing is more demotivating than having these lavish ideas of the perfect body and daily Green Goddess smoothies and then falling off the wagon. Rather start with a few benchmarks: how many squats can you do before you’re winded? How many skips on your skipping rope? Use it as a benchmark to improve – an exciting new challenge!

When you’re measuring yourself and your progress, try getting an assessment at the gym, says James. They’re free, and can help you get on the right track and accurately pinpoint areas to work on. Maybe you’d like to get more flexible, or stronger? Maybe you’d like to be faster. Getting an assessment can help with narrowing that down. “You can also take some progress photos of yourself, sometimes progress is best seen comparing 2 photos,” says James.

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Also, James reckons we should try more things: boxing, spinning, or even a rebounding class. “We recommend trying it all and deciding which type of training makes you and your body happy (and wanting more). Mental, as well as physical strength, is key, and both can be achieved in the gym!” he says.

When it comes to a regular workout, Melissa van den Berg, Arena coach at Somerset West’s Ignite Fitness gym and performance sports graduate, has put together an easily achievable workout to do for even the newest of newbies. It’s simple: start small and work your way up, adding more reps or heavier weights as you begin to feel stronger and more confident.

The Body Refresh Workout

You’ll need: 

One mat

A set of dummbells

A can-do attitude


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The Workout

Do 4 sets of 10-15 reps. Rest as you need to throughout and inbetween sets.
  • Kettelbell Goblet squats
  • Romanian Deadlifts into bent over row
  • Backwards lunge & bicep curl
  • Sumo deadlift high pull
  • Push up

The Core Workout

Do 3 sets of 20 reps for each:
  • Crunches
  • Russian twist
  • Mountain climbers

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