Here’s How To *Actually* Prep For A Bikini Wax, According To Waxitologists

by | May 18, 2022 | Style & Beauty

The most delicate – and ever-popular – service in the realm of hair removal is the bikini wax, taking care of the genital area. Because it’s such a private body part, first-timers (and even repeat customers) often feel the need to over-prepare, or just aren’t aware of the extra care needed to prep for a bikini wax.
We spoke to Michelle Royston, Director of Smooth and founder of WAXIT, a chain of wax-only salons, servicing every inch of body real estate that you’d like de-fuzzed, about the things to know before you walk into the salon.

Don’t Shave Before A Bikini Wax

One thing to absolutely, definitely not do before a bikini wax? Shave.  “People who wax the first time think, ‘My hair is really long so I’m just going to shave so that it’s not so bad, right?’,” says Michelle. Wrong.
“We want the hair to be as long as possible because the longer the hair the better the wax fits onto the hair and the less painful it is,” explains Michelle. “When people shave or when they trim [before a wax], we can’t actually get that hair out properly, so it makes the experience a little bit more painful for the customer.”
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Don’t Go On Your Period

During your period, the area’s sensitivity is heightened, which might make things more painful for you. Added to that, your aesthetician might unwittingly interact with your sanitary products – to disastrous results. Best to postpone your treatment.

Don’t Wear Your Sexy (Or Special) Undies

During a bikini wax, your aesthetician works around your undies, moving them aside as needed to remove hair. As careful as they are, fabric moves, and wax could get on your garments. Trying to remove wax can be tricky, so it’s best to go with simple underwear that you don’t mind getting tainted. Since your undies need to be moved around, we wouldn’t recommend boy-legs.
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Exfoliate The Area Before Your Bikini Wax

Exfoliation preps the skin for a wax so that it can thoroughly pull out hair from the root, and helps minimise the chances of new hair growth being ingrown. Plus, it’s better to work with a clean palette. However, if you can’t find the time, a good aesthetician should cleanse the area before waxing anyway, says Michelle.

Wear Loose Clothing

Not only are tight-fit clothes going to be tricky to get out of, but they’re going to be uncomfortable after the wax. “Wear something comfortable because you want the area to remain airy, because your pores are open,” says Michelle. Plus, Too-tight clothes will irritate the area and could cause ingrown hairs.
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Watch Your Post-Wax Routine

“Once you get into a post care routine, waxing becomes a breeze and your next wax is so much easier,” says Michelle. One big no-no is to avoid the gym or excessive sweating right after a wax. Right after a wax, the skin’s pores are exposed, making it easy for dirt to enter. Sweat could irritate the skin, causing red or white bumps. WAXIT offers a post-care kit, with a dedicated serum to soothe the area. Beyond that, avoid the gym for a day or two, while the skin heals.

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