Get Moving The Fun Way With This High-Energy Dance Workout

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Workouts

The gym isn’t for everyone and if that includes you, it’s totally fine. There are many ways to get a good workout in. And right up there, is dancing. You might not think of shaking your booty as exercise, but spend a Friday night burning up the floor at the klurb and don’t be surprised if you struggle to get out of bed the next day. This dance workout from Next Fitness Star finalist Toka Lintsa is perfect for women who love to move on the dance floor, not so much on the gym floor.

Work Out Without Even Realising It

So how do you turn your love of dancing into a workout? It’s easier than you think! “Dancing comes from the inside,” says Toka. “What you see inside a club, try to see which muscle groups it targets – like if you get down low, this is a squat and it benefits your thighs.” Similarly, moving your arms works your shoulders and the muscles of your upper back. You may not be holding any weights, but do it for long enough and you’ll feel the burn, don’t you worry!

Toka’s 15-Minute Dance Workout

Ready to give this whole dance workout thing a try? Try this routine from Toka. Spend five minutes learning the moves, then when you’re feeling confident, dance along with Toka in real time. Got it down? Repeat the dance, feeling free to improvise as you go along and feel the beat. Just like any dancing, a dance workout should be free and fun.

Your Moves

1. ‘Roll It Dance’
Walking squads: 8 steps to the front
Spin punches to a dynamic shoulder roll: alternative sides x4
Reversed walking squads : 8 steps/counts to the back
Spin punches to a dynamic shoulder roll: alternative sides x4
2. ‘Kick and side-tap’
Kick and side-tap: alternating sides x8 times
3. ‘Upper body roll-tap’
Upper-body roll and toe-dip: alternating sides

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