Here’s Why You Should Never Try To Get Rid Of Your “Hip Dips”

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Fitness

Our body shape is something we’re naturally born with right? Right! Hourglass, rectangle, pear, top hourglass and spoon body shape are some of the different body types that we have used to categorise the different body parts that women have, but why on earth are we even comparing our bodies to objects?

There has been a body trend doing the rounds on social media, where women are trying to get rid of their hip dips through surgery and exercise, to make their hips wider. It may sound like a form of exercise, but it’s not. A hip dip (a.k.a violin hips) is an indentation that appears on the hip bone, causing fat and the muscles to cave inwards. You either have hip dips or you don’t. Many women have tried to get rid of this glorious natural shape. We’re here to tell you to keep your hip dips! They’re completely normal and beautiful.

Where do I find mine?

Hip dips are caused by the shape of your pelvis. They’re a normal part of the body’s structure and they’re something you shouldn’t change.

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Good or bad?

There’s a misconception that hip dips are a sign of being healthy and/or unhealthy. You’ve probably had your hip dips since puberty. This is how our bodies are made. Just like we don’t choose to have cellulite, we also don’t choose to have violin hips either. Should you be stressed that you have them? Absolutely not. Women’s Health Next Fitness Star winner, Nomawothi Bafana says, “Hip dips are genetic, like dimples. We should call them hip dimples, to give it a more positive outlook.”

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How to own your hip dips

Let’s be honest, you may not love your hip dips, but there is no amount of exercise or calorie consumption that can change the shape of your skeleton. Flaunt them, take photos, but most importantly, don’t be ashamed of them. They’re yours! Don’t let Instagram trends affect the way you see your body.

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