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by | Dec 20, 2022 | WH Promotion & Events

plusOne, the leading international health and wellness brand known and respected for its range of quality body-safe silicone self-care products, is now available in South Africa.  Racked and sold in selected Dis-Chem and Clicks stores nationwide, the trusted retailers respect that sexual wellness is integral to overall adult well-being.

Professional intimacy coach Tracy Ziman Jacobs is heartened by the fact that major retailers are open to making these safe and affordable products available in their stores.  She describes sexual pleasure as a human right that presupposes self-determination, consent, safety, privacy, bodily integrity, and the ability to communicate and negotiate sexual relations – these are integral to sexual health and wellbeing.

“From my perspective, being involved with the South African Sexual Health Association (SASHA) and the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS), I see great strides in education and the promotion of sexual wellness awareness,” she shares. “However, there is still a major taboo around sex and overall sex education.”

Compounding this all is the ripple effect of the COVID-19-related lockdowns. “Having been forced together in proximity and excluded from family, friends, and social events, many couples experienced boredom in their relationships, “Tracy points out. 

“They lacked excitement and variety. Connection with the world around us makes us feel energised and creative. It adds flavour to our experiences, and we receive inspiration from others.”

At the start of COVID, a trend appeared, increasing online shopping for sexual wellness products. Today, people have the convenience of picking up their toys from their trusted retailer or online which offers a more discreet way to shop.

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“Historically, the trend was only for condom and certain lubricant sales. If one is brave enough to peruse these isles, you’ll find various sexual wellness products. I believe this is because consumers are becoming more liberal in their thinking about sexual pleasure.”

An official 2020 clinical study conducted by plusOne over a 4-week period showed that regular masturbation & reaching orgasm with sexual wellness products saw an improvement in mental health concerns, sleep quality, mood, quality of life and improvement in skin conditions in women.   

  • 64% of women felt less bothered by feeling tired or having little energy
  • 75% of women felt more loving and appreciative towards themselves
  • 82% of women were able to relax and enjoy alone time more than before
  • 62% of women felt more cheerful and energetic throughout the day
  • 66% of women felt less reliant on caffeine in the morning and throughout the day
  • 62% of women were able to concentrate on their daily tasks better
  • 70% of women felt less bothered by feeling down, depressed or hopeless
  • 64% of women reported that their skin looked brighter and more radiant

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Tips on starting your self-love journey:

Know your body

Know your body and what you like and decide if you would like to try it alone or with a partner.

Start Small

Start with a small toy like the Mini Massager and slowly work your way to bigger ones like the Vibrating Wand as you feel more comfortable.

Create a safe environment

Remember that there is nothing kinky about sexual wellness, it should be expressed and celebrated in a safe and welcoming environment

Find pleasure points

There are over 30 different erogenous zones on your body, some overlooked pleasure points include the scalp, ears, belly button, inner wrist and the small of the back.  Feeling adventurous?  Try an ice cube or the PlusOne Vibrating Feather Tickler.

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