This Holiday TRX Workout Is Like A Full Gym Sesh In Just Half An Hour

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Workouts

Festive season madness stealing your gains? Keep that food baby at bay with this full-body TRX workout. Just half an hour and you’re done!

We’re big fans of no-equipment workouts. The only problem is that, without something to hang on, you can’t really do any pulling movements. Not ideal if you’ve been focussing on sculpting your back. A TRX suspension trainer lets you take the gym on holiday with you. And if you’re planning on setting up a home gym, it’ll give you everything you need without taking up floor space. Stash it in a draw and just loop it around something sturdy when you’re ready to exercise.

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Half-Hour Holiday Express Workout

This workout by Next Fitness Star Inge Viljoen uses a TRX and a skipping rope to give you a full-body workout that tones you up, burns fat and fires up your metabolism all in one. The workout is divided into three sets of four exercises. For each set of exercises, do the moves, back to back without rest. Once you’ve done all the moves in that set, rest just long enough to catch your breath, then repeat the whole set twice more for a total of three rounds. Rest for a minute, then move onto the next set of three, following the same pattern. Once you’ve done three rounds of set three, you’re done.

Watch one of the WH staff perform the moves…

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Your Workout Structure

Set 1 – Repeat 3 times

Skipping x 30 skips

TRX Pull-Ups X 15

TRX Lunge/Squat Combo x 15

Plank x 30 seconds

Set 2 – Repeat 3 times

Skipping x 30 skips

TRX Split Squat x 15 each leg

TRX Y-T-W Combo x 5

Mountain Climbers x 15

Set 3 – Repeat 3 times

Skipping x 30 skips

Sit-ups x 30

TRX Pelvic Lifts x 15

TRX Knee-to-chest, Scissor legs, Pike, Push-up Combo x 5

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