These 5 Budget Items Are All You Need To Create An Epic Home Gym

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Fitness

Always fantasised about setting up a home gym but think it’s too expensive? It doesn’t have to be. All you need are these five simple — and cheap — items.

Exercise mat

An exercise mat isn’t just for yogis. You’ll be glad you invested in a non-slip surface for stability and grip — and your knees and butt will thank you. This mat sports a carry strap for easy portability, and we love the vibrant colour!

MRP Sport 5mm Exercise Mat

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Adjustable skipping rope

MRP Sport Adjustable Skipping Rope

A heart-thumping bout of skipping is an excellent form of cardio. Plus: It’ll tone up your legs fast. We like the textured grip handles on this one, which make for more secure handling. Durable, compact and lightweight, it’s ideal for at-home aerobic workouts.

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MRP Sport 4kg Vinyl Kettlebell

There are so many great strength moves you can do using this versatile piece of equipment. This one is sand-weighted with a vinyl cover, which helps reduce noise and prevents damage to your floors, so it’s perfect for indoor use. You’ll develop strength, power, endurance and balance, and fry calories at the same time.

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Aerobic band

MRP Sport Latex Aerobic Band - Medium

Originally a proven alternative to free weights and machines for the elderly and injured, elastic bands have been confirmed to boost muscle strength and functional performance in healthy folks too. Get a full-body workout with this latex aerobic band, or use in conjunction with other equipment to provide resistance during traditional exercises.

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MRP Sport 4kg Vinyl Dumbbell

Every fitster worth their salt should own a pair of free weights. The six-sided, rubber-coated dumbbell is designed to prevent rolling or sliding — saving those floors again. It’s built to be strong and durable, so it’ll last.

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