5 Times Working Out At Home Just Makes More Sense

by | May 11, 2017 | Fitness

South Africa’s gym industry rakes in the highest amount of revenue in the world, according to reports. Yet, despite the body positive movement, many women still don’t feel comfortable sweating it out in public due to fear of judgment from others. If this feels like you, don’t be deterred. With a bit of willpower and a few key pieces of equipment, you can reap all the benefits of gym from the comfort of your own home. Here, five times hitting your lounge just makes more sense…

1. No More Feeling Self-Conscious

Been dodging a healthy lifestyle for too long and ready to quit the excuses? Good. But starting a fitness regime can be daunting, especially if you lack body confidence, or are worried about how you’ll look in all that lycra. Feeling uncomfortable means you’re more likely to break your good exercise habit early, so rather opt for a slow build in a space you feel relaxed. Who knows, you could find yourself signing up for that gym membership in just a couple of months…

2. Money, Money, Money

Let’s face it, the gym requires cash. Equipment may seem expensive, but if you invest in some basic items, it’ll benefit your pocket in the long term. Start off with some weights or dumbbells to build strength and use an exercise DVD or YouTube to start. Seriously tight budget? All you actually need are a couple of paper plates for smokin-hot abs – no kidding! Use what you can while you save for that treadmill or exercise bike.

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3. Pick Your Own Playlist

Did you know that the distraction of music can boost your performance by up to 15 percent? But wait, there’s more: even the memories you attach to certain songs on your playlist can amp you up to work out faster. Your own gym means you can listen to the music that motivates you (as loud as you want!), rather than a generic playlist at the gym.

4. No Queuing For Equipment

The time spent waiting to work out on your fave machine could be spent doing valuable cardio. At home, you never have to worry about peak hours at the gym; simply get home and get started. It also means you can avoid waiting in line for water or snacks – just pop into the kitchen. No more waiting in rush-hour traffic either. High-five to that!

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5. Tailor Your Equipment

Designing your own home workout has actual physical benefits way beyond the convenience factor. Gender plays a large role in your physical capabilities and research shows that women who tailor their workout with this in mind do, in fact, benefit more. Buying equipment tailored to your build, fitness capabilities and ultimate goals will ensure you reap real body benefits. So… What are you waiting for?

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