“I Tried Hot Yoga — And These Are The 10 Hard Lessons I Learnt”

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Fitness

I’ve been going to Bikram and heated Vinyasa yoga classes for four months now, and while I’m about 10 years away from being an expert on the practice, I have learned a few practical lessons – the hard way. So if you’re keen to get into hot yoga, take note:

1/ Pack Underwear

If you’re going back to work after class, or going out afterwards, you’ll need to shower – and there’s no way you can wear the undies you worked out in again.

2/ Hydrate Yourself

Drink water throughout the day and you’ll need to drink less in class. If you drink a lot of water during your practice, your stomach will be incredibly uncomfortable.

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3/ Use A Facecloth

You sweat a lot in class, so take a facecloth with you and leave it next to your mat. You’ll need it during in the first month or so, while your body gets used to the heat.

4/ Make-Up Alert!

Unless you’re a fan of streaks, wear waterproof mascara on the days you go to class.

5/ Wear Flats

Try not to wear uncomfortable heels on yoga days; they could compromise your ability to balance on your toes.

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6/ Go Long

In your first few weeks, wear longer pants. It will be easier to hold some of the poses (like Eagle and Tree) when your feet and legs can rely on the resistance of fabric, not slippery skin.

7/ Grey Matters

Stay away from grey gear. Especially pants. You’ll begin to sweat within a few minutes of starting class, and if you’re wearing a light colour, it won’t be pretty.

8/ Look After Your Gear

Wash your yoga clothes as soon as you get home. Leave them bundled up in your bag overnight, and you’ll soon be spending a fortune on replacing your clothes every month.

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9/ Get Picky

When you’re choosing a mat, ask the shop assistant if you can test one out before you buy it. Get into downward dog (yes, in the store) and push really hard on your hands to make sure it really is non-slip.

10/ Shop Around

Before you commit to one studio, take a class at all of the different studios in your area. You’ll be amazed at how different they feel, and how you respond to different teachers.

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