Here’s How A Labia Filler Can Change Your Sex Life

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Sex & Love

We’ve all seen celebs who’ve fallen prey to the quest for full, plump lips and ended up with a permanent, comical duck pout. But how many of you knew that those aren’t the only pair of lips that can receive a dose of filler? Yup, you can get fillers in your labia too.

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How does a labia filler work?

“Labial fillers are injections used to increase the volume of the outer vaginal lips or labia majora. The filler can be either a hyaluronic acid filler or a fat filler which makes use of the patient’s own fat,” explains aesthetic gynaecologist and endoscopic surgeon Dr Natalia Novikova. “The labia will become firm, toned and full, with elasticity being restored. This treatment often results in a reinstatement of ‘feeling’ during sexual intercourse. Confidence often increases and it has a positive impact on the sex drive.”

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Who might benefit from it?

As with most parts of our body, as we go through life, things start to change – and not always for the better. “As women age, lose a significant amount of weight or give birth naturally, their labia may change shape and become floppy, lax and less full,” explains Novikova. “Women may be disturbed by its appearance and may even develop discomfort during sex because of a loss of protection from excessive friction and impact. A reduction in sensation felt during intercourse is also possible. Additionally, dry vaginal skin, discomfort, irritation and pain during sex may occur. Women who seek a solution to any of the above may desire their labia majora to be fuller, more toned and firmer, which can be achieved by the filler.”

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What are your options?

When it comes to the choice of filler, there are options. Either hyaluronic acid (known for its moisture-boosting powers and the fact that it’s found naturally within the deep layers of the skin) is used or the patient’s own fat or platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is extracted from the patient’s blood. Depending on the type used, the procedure will take from 15 minutes (hyaluronic acid) to about 30 to 45 minutes (PRP and fat).

Numbing cream and local anaesthetic are used to minimise any pain, there is minimal post-procedure care and the effects will last anywhere from 12 to 24 months, after which the procedure can be repeated, if required. Gives a whole new meaning to a stiff upper lip.

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