Here’s How Pro Surfer Bianca Buitendag Stays in Shape

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Fitness

Photography by Casey Crafford 
If her Instagram account is anything to go by, pro surfer Bianca Buitendag is living her best life. Most of her pictures are of her frolicking in some dreamy beach water with her all-year long summer tan and washboard abs. But the surf life takes some work. Here’s how she keeps that rockin’ bod in shape…
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1. Love your workouts 

Bianca doesn’t just surf because it’s her life’s work. She does it because she loves it. “Surfing was the only sport that I never got bored of. The environment was constantly changing, you know? The swimming pool’s always the same. The track is always the same. The netball court is always the same. The ocean is the only thing that kept me coming back all the time,” she says.

2. Eat food that will nourish you 

“Generally I try to go with food that’s had a short time span from the tree onto my plate. The shorter the time, the better.” Bianca’s breakfast of champions? “I eat oats, with apple and cinnamon and nuts.” Yum!


3. Have a sense of competition

“When I was 10 and I won the Under 10 contest I had the same thrill of winning that I did when I was 18,” she says about winning. “Getting there first is always an accomplishment.” Your takeaway? Pushing yourself to your best body is even better when it’s a competition. Set yourself a goal, or compete with a buddy. Game, set, match!

4. Use your body as your tool

You don’t need the kettlebells and the treadmill to get in the best shape of your life. Buitendag believes her body is her tool. “My conviction is to use as little equipment possible, allowing your body to work through very natural movements,” she says. Get hiking, surfing, swimming, or just do pull-ups on the bar. Get in touch with your body again.

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