This Toy Will Help You Get Used To How Anal Sex Feels

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Sex & Love

Want to know how anal sex feels? This question is being asked a lot these days: “My partner and I are interested in trying anal sex. Are there toys that will help me get used to the idea and feeling?”

This advice from sex toy experts will help you find the right toy to help you get used to how anal sex feels…

What the experts say

“It’s natural to wonder what anal sex is like and often an accidental touch of the anal area brings on such an intense orgasm that you’re left wondering if you’ve been neglecting this sweet spot for too long. Anal sex is certainly not for everyone, but with the right attitude and a little help, it can be one of the most adventurous, thrilling and intimate experiences you and your partner can share.

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Try this small plug

Starting off slowly is key, so before you go full tilt into anal penetration, why not start with a small plug that’s designed to stimulate your anal nerves and amplify your orgasms (try the Diogol Anni Jewelled Anal Plug, R829,

Never forget the lube

By applying a generous amount of anal lubricant (most contain a unique formula designed to provide slight desensitisation to the area), you can gently insert the anal plug. And don’t worry about it suddenly disappearing – with the wide stopper at the base, it will stay put in a safe position.

Wearing this plug during sex not only allows you to get used to the sensation of the intense anal stimulation, it also allows you to experience far stronger orgasms, thanks to the sensory overload of an entirely different set of nerve structures.

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What comes next…

Once you are used to the sensation of anal stimulation, you can then choose to progress to penetrative anal sex. Remember to start slowly, use a condom, apply plenty of lubricant and never go straight from anal penetration to vaginal – the spread of faecal bacteria can bring on a host of nasty infections, which you need to avoid. Breathe, don’t tense up and most importantly communicate with your partner – if you are having any negative experiences or feelings towards it, don’t do it!”

Information courtesy of Dé experts.

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