How Fast Can You Climb Your Guy?

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Fitness

Photograph by Sean Laurénz

Looking for something different and fun to do with your partner? Love to climb? This Workout Wednesday challenge is like nothing you’ve tried before…

Next Fitness Star 2016 top 10 finalist Kathy Lee, owner of the Pole Project, shared this video of herself doing a bench traverse (in climbing, traverse means to move from one point to another across a course). The kicker, though, was the end, where she proceeded to climb around her friend, Armoury Boxing Club trainer, Rickus Muller. The move, which we’ve fondly dubbed the “Guy Traverse” was apparently inspired by movement specialist Ido Portal, who’s known for impressive feats – and tests – of agility and controlled strength. The Guy Traverse requires both – as deputy ed Wanita Nicol discovered when she tried it on her ever-patient husband.

Watch The Video

Try It

You’ll need: 1.a timer 2. a willing guy who doesn’t mind playing the role of human climbing frame and possibly being whacked in the jaw – or somewhere more painful.

Ask the guy to stand with legs slightly apart, feet planted firmly, core pulled tight, shoulders square and arms out to the side. Start your timer. Begin standing behind him, then jump up and hug your arms around his neck or chest. Try not to strangle him. Wrap your legs around his waist or hips and squeeze – not too hard, then make your way around his front, back to your original piggy-back position. When you’re back at the start, stop the timer and see how quickly you managed to complete the traverse.

Rules: Your feet or any other body part of yours may not touch the floor during your traverse. You may not use anything around you for support – like a wall or pole. You may not get any help whatsoever from your guy.

Stay Safe

It’s all fun and games until someone pulls a muscle. Climbing a human, like any kind of climbing, requires a certain degree of agility and flexibility – limber up with some mobility stretching before you get started. We suggest taking your shoes off to minimise discomfort and injury risk for the climbing frame.

You did it?

Tweet us and let us know your time – or better yet, share your videos and pictures on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #GuyTraverse and tag us. Let’s see who can clock the fastest time. Happy Hump Day!

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