Exactly How To Get A Bod Like Hlubi Mboya

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Weight Loss

Hlubi Mboya has an unbelievable body. That’s probably because she’s got an unbelievable sporting discipline: mountain biking, competitive bodybuilding, obstacle racing, Strictly Come Dancing contestant, conquering Kili…
“I’m genetically muscular and lucky to have a good foundation of sporty DNA,” says Hlubi, who’s been fit since being on her school’s hockey, netball and athletics teams.

HEIGHT: 1.54m
BODY CHANGE: 18% body fat to 15% body fat
TIME FRAME: Lifetime
SECRET WEAPON: Endurance and high-intensity training

Hlubi’s Favourite Workout

“As I grew up, I changed the kind of sporting codes I’ve done – which has changed the way I look.” Currently, she’s loving training out in the open. “Outdoor training is not about how I look in the mirror; it encourages me to feel good about myself,” she says – and that’s good for her career. “I’m in an industry where our looks give us longevity in our careers, which is so f***ed up. But this has spurred me on to taking care of myself, so I get leading roles. I don’t train to burn kilojoules. I train so that when the day comes to deal with the bad guys, leap across trains or climb burning buildings, I can do it all.”

Is Hlubi On A Diet?

She’s also very clear about what she puts into her body. “I hate the word ‘diet’. It’s about nutrition. I stay away from processed food and my veg and fruit need to be all colours of the rainbow. And when I train competitively, I have whey protein. Food helps you change from the inside out.”

All About Balance

But she understands that it’s a balance. “I have a social life. I train hard but I love Champagne, cupcakes and a good braai. You’ve gotta live life.” Hlubi recently received certification in exercise science and sports conditioning and training from the Health and Fitness Professionals Academy. With her “licence to train”, there’s a whole world of activity she’s looking to conquer.

Hlubi’s Fit Day

Endurance training: one hour, 30-minute combo of trail running, weights and bodyweight training. “I change this up often.”

Breakfast: gluten-free oats. “It’s my breakfast of champions!”

Snack: fruit salad

Evox Synergy Whey Protein time-release shake. “It speeds up muscle recovery and builds and maintains lean muscle mass for any type of workout I do.”

Lunch: fish, salad, brown rice and loads of veggies

Snack: biltong or almonds

Snack: fruit. “Not sugary fruit; I’m a sucker for peaches though.”

Supper: chicken, sweet potatoes – ‘I avoid complex carbs from 2pm” – and lots of greens, usually broccoli

Bedtime. “I carry a reservoir of water to drink.”

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