Stop The Endless Crunches — This Is Actually How To Get A Six-Pack

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Fitness

Been crunching away, day in and day out… and not an ab in sight? That’s because you need to understand the “secret’’ to a ripped core before you can actually achieve it. Here’s how to get a six-pack, according to those in the know…

Hint: It’s not really a mystery…

If you see someone with visible abs, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re outworking you at the gym. In fact, it may not be a reflection of their strength at all. Getting that chiselled look comes down to diet, performance coach Brett Klika and strength and conditioning specialist Michelle Arent agree. “Abs are a novelty because our bodies are programmed to store fat in that spot to protect our organs,” says Klika.

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So, what should you do?

So don’t stress if you’re crushing workouts and haven’t noticed much visible change – that usually takes eight to 12 weeks with a targeted programme that combines exercise and eating. [Ed’s Note: Try Women’s Health’s Shedding For The Wedding 12-week programme – it’s not just for brides. It’s been designed for anyone wanting to slim down and build lean muscle in a healthy three-month timeframe.]

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It’s best to track how much more you can lift as you progress (improvement there comes faster and more frequently) and let that shift motivate you. Then focus on diet switches – like upping your lean protein and veggie intake at each meal and cutting down on sugar – to reach your abs-mazing goals.

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